Kactus Hunters Silver Clowd
Kactus Hunters - Silver Clowd
(Limited CD/Download) Colored-Inc. COLI015, 2010-08-11

The two scientists of post-psychedelic progressive rock of the 21st century are back with a second album, nearly a decade after the first one, and they’ve been travelling through new territories, exploring new textures and tasting new flavors while keeping a similar vibe that only belongs to the Kactus Hunters!

Haunting voices, conscious while poetic lyrics, dope beats and soft rock guitar lines, the Kactus Hunters push things further with attitude, humor and poetry!

Kactus Hunters are :
Doctor L / musician, performer, irish, composer, producer, film maker, father of 3...
Mister Baby / actor, cooker, singer, performer, writer, musician, composer...

Tracklisting :
No info yet

Links :
Doctor L : myspace.com/doctorlmind | youtube.com/user/doctorlmind
Niktus : myspace.com/niktus4u
Kactus Hunters : djouls.com/kactus

Cover artwork :

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