Edinburgh-born, Australian radio DJ/producer Jonny Faith is the latest finding by Tru Thoughts. With a strategy based on digital singles and CD/digital albums, the famous label from Brighton keeps on digging the newcomers scene relentlessly, hunting for the best, new, electronic soul, hip hop and beats. The snappy global downbeat of this 'Sundial' is no exception, with its chopped-up samples, horizontal psychedelic moods, smokey dubby production and sonic rays of sunshine. A fresh, vivifying program, woven perfectly for a sunny afternoon chill-out session - or a late night lounging affair.

Jonny Faith - Sundial
Jonny Faith - Sundial
(CD) Tru Thoughts TRUCD301, 2015-02-02

Tracklisting :
01. Sun Theme
02. This Love
03. Slumber
04. Le Sucre
05. Zheng
06. Thin Air
07. Lost Earth
08. The Calm Before
09. Dust Settles
10. A Pause
11. Sundial
12. Neon
13. Garuas
14. Firefly
15. Sun Reprise

Links :
Jonny Faith : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Tru Thoughts : official | etchshop | facebook | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter

Press Release :
New Tru Thoughts signing Jonny Faith releases his first single, the double A-side "Zheng"/"Slumber", on 1st December ahead of his debut full album which is ready to roll in 2015.

"Zheng" has racked up over 3,500 Soundcloud hits and is currently available as a free download following a premiere/signing announcement feature on Potholes In My Blog.

Originating from Edinburgh and now based in Melbourne, where he has established himself as a core player in the thriving music community, Faith honed his ear for rhythm and sound as a DJ and turntablist spinning hip hop, jungle, reggae and D&B. After DJing extensively across the UK and Australia, his early forays into producing his own music heavily reflected his affinity with dub sensibilities and production techniques. While this continues to underpin Faith's style, a magnetic attraction to the burgeoning hip hop future beats scene quickly became a driving force. Dedicating himself to exploring and illuminating the experimental beats sweeping the globe, he hosted both a pioneering radio show (on Sydney's 2SER.fm) and the Headroom club night. In 2011 Faith took the instrumental hip hop tip in his own cosmic direction, and his "Blue Sky on Mars" EP was snapped up by Civil Music (Om Unit, Debruit, Drums of Death) for a lauded release with remixes from the likes of Ital Tek and Dizz1.

"Zheng", at its core a hip hop track that kicks pretty hard, is characterized by Faith's sampling of the Guzheng, a Chinese string instrument from which the tune takes its name and a mystical, psychedelic flavour. "I really like the peacefulness and wisdom that oozes out of the music from China and South East Asia", Faith explains, "and I had been searching for the right instrument to incorporate that inspiration into my own music for a while". Using his "trusty old tambourine" in place of programmed hi hats also infuses the tight production with a natural spin.

Warmth and personality also loom large on "Slumber", with a host of different types of hand percussion, from Faith's ever-growing collection, woven into the worldly groove alongside a rich tapestry of chopped up vocals, making for an intense sonic journey through an enchanted forest.

Having taken time to hone and enrich his skills, both in the studio and via his work as a music production teacher - as well as being part of the 'CDR' producers' movement with peers including Mark Pritchard - Jonny Faith's sound has grown into a warm, emotive and accomplished affair that has seen support from Solid Steel (Ninja Tune), Australian national station Triple J and a growing contingent of tastemakers the world over. With previous gigs including support for Tokimonsta and Nosaj Thing, Faith is also in preparation to take his sound to the stage and utilise his DJ and turntablist chops in a new set incorporating his own tracks, live remixes and album material.

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