Jed and Lucia Super Human Heart
Jed and Lucia - Super Human Heart
(CD/2xLP) Ubiquity Records UR277, 2010-10-19

Like the distant cousins of Jose Gonzales and Boards of Canada, Jed and Lucia’s songs have a pastoral sensibility that has been warped by their love for electronics. Superhuman Heart is a kaleidoscope of tunes dreamed-up and recorded in the hills, parks and woods of North Berkeley. Their vocal harmonies smack of classic 1960s Cali-pop, but Jed and Lucia’s acoustic guitars and poignant lyrics are subverted by sun-drenched synths and bass lines that add a subtle dose of urban bump and grind. Folksy songs are transformed by acid-tripped atmospherics in a soundtrack for creatures that crawl from the back woods into the city at nightfall.

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