Heavenly Sweetness Label Compilation
Various - Heavenly Sweetness - Label Compilation #1
(2xCD/12"/Download) Heavenly Sweetness, 2010-03-15

Heavenly Sweetness is THE French JAzz label today. It's quite easy since there isn't much competition... but praise should be given anyway to Antoine Rajon and Franck Descollonges for an incredible series of releases and reissues during the recent years, among which were shining the John Betsch Society and the Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band LPs (available at the Superfly Records store!).

Along the way of releasing fantastic albums and re-releasing superb jazz LPs, they've also regularly fed Parisian record dealers of all sorts with limited edition 45s, 10 inches and free MP3s... all collected here in this double compilation, along with many tasteful spiritual Jazz, Afro, and even Reggae pieces. I couldn't recommend a better introduction to this Jazz label.

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