Grayson Capps The Lost Cause Minstrels
Grayson Capps - The Lost Cause Minstrels
(CD/Download) The Royal Potato Family RPF 1107 , 2011-06-07

Grayson Capps‘ fifth studio album, The Lost Cause Minstrels, is set for release June 7 on Royal Potato Family. The 11-track effort finds the Mobile, Alabama-based singer-songwriter coming of age. This doesn't mean, however, that his often unholy tales of the Southern Gothic have lost any of their sting. Quite the contrary, Capps' Tao-tinged, philosophical reflections-revealed deep inside songs shuddering with spit, stomp and snarl-are as potent as ever. Listen no further than Highway 42, No Definitions and Rock N Roll to hear that Capps cedes no quarter. It's just that this time his bark and bite is more accepting of the unanswered questions mucking up the universe, while country soul textures and gospel harmonies ease the raw edges. The Lost Cause Minstrels is the highly anticipated next chapter from one of the finest Southern troubadours of the day.

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