Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger - Sweet Talking
(Digital/Limited CD) Colored-Inc., 2010-07-11

The Lone Ranger is one of Jamaica's most influential early dancehall DJs. He was twice voted N°1 deejay on the island, in 1979 and 1980. He helped pioneer a newly rhythmic, on-the-beat rhyming style that led DJ toasting into the modern age, and punctuated his lyrics with bizarre exclamations and sound effects ("bim" and "ribbit" were his favorites) that made him perhaps the most imaginative stylist of his time. Without Lone Ranger, no Yellowman, no Shabba Ranks, no Sean Paul...

Thanks to the incredible production skills of French dubmeister Grant Phabao, who crafted for him a splendid album in 2005 (Kulchaklash / to be pronounced "Culture Clash"), and a hit single in 2006 making waves all over the irie globe, with rub-a-dub partner Carlton Livingston and their cover of Dandy Livingston's Message To You Rudie, The Lone Ranger is now back with his 12th album, Sweet Talking, and another big step towards bringing back the golden age of rub-a-dub!

Grant Phabao plays all instruments (with the help of keyboard wizard Soul Sugar, formerly from Seven Dub). He produced, polished and mastered himself the 13 tracks, along with three other full length albums (!), for respectively Carlton Livingston, The Silvertones and The Jays...

Tracklisting :
01. Trod Along
02. Sweet Talking
03. Run Come Quick
04. Music Weh Dem Wan
05. Back Off
06. Fever
07. Too Much Susu Susu
08. Sweet
09. Running For My Life Feat. Carlton Livingston
10. A Who
11. A Ya So We Deh
12. Super Duper Super Knotch
13. Ethiopia

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