Fudge Fingas Now About How
Fudge Fingas - Now About How
(2xLP/CD/Digital) Prime Numbers PNLP02 /PNCD04, 2011-03-25

Here's the anticipated debut album from Gavin Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas. The Fudge Fingas discography, dating back almost a decade, is teasingly small with only a sprinkling of 10"s and 12"s to his name. Since 2004 the Edinburgh-based artist has been a mainstay of both Prime Numbers (Linkwood, Trus'me) and Firecracker Recordings, two UK labels that share a penchant for classically rooted electronic music. A talented multi-instrumentalist who purveys a style of deep house that is hard to pin down but very much his own, Fudge Fingas tracks are invariably emotive, impeccably produced affairs, demonstrating a keen knowledge of electronic music. Now About How is an album that fuses diverse styles, tipping it's cap to a world of sounds absorbed over the course of a lifetime. It is the sound of Fudge's childhood spent learning from his record loving family about the many wonders of 20th century recorded music, filtered through the classic house and techno template which was the soundtrack to his formative years. It's the sound of how we got to now, and where we might go from here.

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