Franck Biyong and Massak Visions Of Kamerun
Franck Biyong & Massak - Visions of Kamerun
New Directions In Afro Music - Volume 3
(Limited CD/Download) Colored-Inc. COLI011, 2010-06-07

Recorded in Cameroon, this Afrolectric 9-tracker - with 9 spoken interludes of some selected elders' wisdom - tells the history and the links of a Southern country with Europe, with an interrogative and perplexed glance over the present state of things.

Mixed by Grant Phabao in Paris, Visions Of Kamerun gathers African harmonies, delicate traditional percussions, subtle afro-jazz drummings, delicious minimal guitar riffs, the tropically powerful Massak horn section, with soulful vocals from Franck Biyong, Sandra NKaké and Gladys Gambie.

Defining a salutary musical movement called Nuevo Afropean Jazz, with a solid, deeply sincere emotional core, the album balances equally between Jazz exploration, rhythmic vivacity, Soul depth and cultural immersion.

All tracks composed and arranged by Franck Biyong

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