Franck Biyong and Massak U.P.C.
Franck Biyong & Massak - U.P.C.
(Exclusive MP3 download on 2010-05-20

Recorded in Yaoundé, Cameroon, this brand new single by Franck Biyong & Massak is an honorary tribute to the great leaders of the African independences 50 years ago. On the musical point of view this is Franck Biyong's long awaited "back to the roots" recording after years of musical search and explorations! Definitely one of the finest 21st century roots Afrobeat tracks out there these days, with great horn polyphony, complex polyrhythm and Franck's confident vocals and message, reminding you there still is a "weapon of the future"... Taken from the forthcoming LP Visions Of Kamerun - out this summer on our brand new label Colored-Inc.

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