Franck Biyong and Massak Rhythms of our Memory
Franck Biyong & Massak - Rhythms of our Memory
New Directions In Afro Music - Volume 2
(Limited CD/Download) Colored-Inc. COLI017, 2010-06-21

This is the second 'straight from the vault' recordings from Afrolectric Music, a compilation of Massak's most adventurous music, with limited commercial potential (needless to say)... but, who really cares about that?? Based on the celebrations of the abolition of Slavery in France (that took place only 4 years ago officially...), this music dives deeper inside a 'dark night of the soul' state of mind, while bringing forth new sonic dimensions to this bold free-form Afro Jazz madness. The highlight tracks include fine orchestrations combined with the spirit of (outer space) improvised music. These Rhythms of our memory pay homage to a long time oral tradition: Continuity in spontaneity...

Tracklisting :
01. Afrequencies
02. Black Jacobins And The Voodoo Flag
03. Bilad Es Sudan
04. Nyambe
05. Ba Sow's Colour And Sound
06. Ngog Lituba
07. The Rise And Fall,-15/+5 Exodus
08. The Sword, The Bloodshed, The Gold Lust
09. Theology Of Alexandrome
10. Djenne
11. Si On
12. Resistance
13. Aton Golden Ra*

All tracks composed and arranged by Franck Biyong except * composed by Franck Biyong & Bruno Jean-Angèle

Franck Biyong and Massak Rhythms of our Memory
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Produced by Franck Biyong for Afrolectric Music Productions

Recording engineers: Meakelange, Hervé Clery, Didier Daguenal, Rolf Razafindrakoto, Aldo, Thom, Tristan, FB
Remix Facility: Auditorium de St Ouen, France
Mixed by Tristan & FB


Recorded at Afrolectric studios, Tours France
Tenor Sax:Pierre Chaumié
Guitar:Stéphane Pillu
Sounds, samples, drum programming: Meakelange
Synth, Sanza, Percussion, Drum Programming, Bass, Lead Bass, Guitars: FB

Recorded at Campus studios, Gourma studios, Afrolectric Studios, Paris, Viroflay France
Tenor, Soprano sax: Nicolas Baudino
Alto Sax: Sébastien Buchholz
Trumpet: Marc Borlet-Hote
Baritone sax: Conick
Trombone: Jean Fred Erbetta
Keyboards: Loïc Da Silva
Bass: Bruno Jean-Angèle
Drums: Auguste Manly
Percussion: Thierry Tauliaut
Conductor, Guitar: FB

Recorded at Salle Ockegheim, Tours, France
Tenor sax, Soprano sax:Jean–Pierre Dulin/ Tenor sax Clarinet:Thomas Quinart
Alto Sax: Camille Sechppet/ Alto Sax, Flute: Greg Marty
Baritone & Soprano sax:Sébastien Rouiller /Baritone sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute : Cyril Parmentier
Trombone : Cyril Solnais
Trumpet : Gaël Riteau, Julien Secouet
Fender Rhodes, Piano, Keyboards : Jean-Marc Herbreteau
Keyboards, samples, sounds : Erwan Jan
Guitar : Stéphane Pillu
Bass : Rolf Razafindrakoto, Mathieu Plouchard
Drums : Olivier Deroo
Percussion : Ousmane Diaw, Christophe Cysique, David Houblon, Martin Dubois, Jean-Charles Cormier, Mathieu Guillon, Erwan Jan
Conductor: FB

Recorded in Vienne, France
Tenor, Soprano sax: Julien Pontvianne
Alto Sax: Rodolphe Lauretta
Trumpet: Antoine Berjault
Baritone sax: Jon Dacuna
Fender Rhodes: Natalia Spengler
Bass: Bruno Jean-Angèle
Drums: Auguste Manly
Percussion: Thierry Tauliaut
Conductor, Guitar: FB

Recorded at St Jean de La Ruelle, France
Tenor Sax: Thomas Quinart
Alto Sax: Greg Marty
Rhythm Guitar: Stephane Pillu
Bass: Rolf Razafindrakoto
Drums, Vocals: Olivier Deroo
Percussion, Vocals: Sandrine Bouvet
Conductor, Rhythm guitar, vocals: FB

Recorded at Lullabi Studios, Vouvray, France
Tenor Sax, Clarinet: Thomas Quinart
Alto Sax, Flute: Greg Marty
Baritone sax: Sébastien Rouiller
Drums: Olivier Deroo
Percussion: Olivier Deroo, Thomas Quinart, Greg Marty
Conductor, Bass, Keyboards, Balafon, Effects, Percussion, Rhythm, & Lead guitars: FB

Recorded at Studio RDC St Avertin, France
Tenor sax & Soprano sax: Jean-Pierre Dulin, Laurent Couliou
Alto sax & Flutes : Stéphane Aillet, Camille Sechppet
Trumpet: Julien Secouet, Claude Millet
Fender Rhodes : Jean-Marc Herbreteau
Synth & Effects: Laura Sicault
Guitar: Stéphane Pillu
Bass: Rolf Razafindrakoto, Mathieu Plouchard
Drums: Olivier Deroo
Percussion: Christophe Cysique, David Houblon, Sandrine Bouvet
Conductor, Guitar: FB

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