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Erik Rug has been deejaying since dec 1978!! Specialised people, books, mags, DJs, journalists say he's one of top french house and electro music pioneer - Let's say he was at the right spot the right time. He's basically followed his instinct and was always very confident in his musical tastes. Erik produces records, remixes & compilations for various labels under diverse monikers such as Daphreephunkateerz, Dirty Jesus, Tommy Lobo, Waxworks, Low Tone Priority, 2frenchmen, The Dreadless Soldier, The Spliffheadz, The Plastics, Le Damn Dog or... Erik Rug.

Erik likes to open his ears and has very ecclectic tastes in music, same with litterature or movies... He love design, photo, architecture, sociology... He's into healthy food, gave up with chemicals, booze, cigs and only smoke natural... He's a huge soccer fan. Paris St Germain is his team for the good and more oftenly for the worst - can't watch them play much as he got rid of his colour TV. This, beeing part of his brain reconstruction process.

He's launched a nu record label Les Disques du Telegraphe in march 2006 and still presses vinyl ! His music is also available on digital music stores.. Itunes, Fnac, Beatport, etc. Erik also promote the Waxgroove Party at Nouveau Casino/ Paris. The party now exists for 10 years and is still evergrowing every time... In his teenage years he was a punk and rock'n'roll music is a territory he's never stopped exploring... He also promotes the OINK! party at Nouveau Casino with guest live bands - he can express there his darker side by playing obscur 80's post-punk records with current electro & rock productions.

2009 was a great year for Erik as for the first time he could show his skillz as a music composer for films.. 2010 should be even greater, starting with the digital release of Le Damn Dog's album, Let The Damn Dog Out.

Le Damn Dog
Le Damn Dog - Let The Damn Dog Out
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