Ensemble Du Verre Short Story About Walt
Ensemble Du Verre - Short Story About Walt
(Digital) Batterie 013, 2011-05-20

With Short Story About Walt Ensemble Du Verre presents the second single of the upcoming album The Contemporary Cowboy (to be released in September 2011). With this track, mastermind and multi instrumentalist Soenke Duewer passionately pleads for the combination of different musical ingredients. In several sessions with himself he created a melting pot of his unique drum playing, an intense use of various electronica and acoustic guitar, representing Duewer's approach in The Contemporary Cowboy. In addition A Green Meadow is back with the second remix for Batterie. With his turbulent dubstep version he not only spins the original further but lifts it on a pulsing club level. This second presentation rises the excitement for the fourth Ensemble Du Verre album and lets the listener stay tuned...

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