Easy Star All-Stars First Light
Easy Star All-Stars - First Light
(CD/LP/Digital) Easy Star Records ES1025, 2011-04-25

is the first full-length album of original songs from Easy Star All-Stars. The Easy Star All-Stars have built a huge following around the world, having sold over 350,000 records and played shows in over 30 countries on 6 continents. The band - a collective from the NYC scene overseen by producer/guitarist Michael Goldwasser - has always played original music in its live set, some of which was released on Until That Day, an original EP in 2008. First Light is an important step in the band's story, demonstrating a wide range of approaches to reggae, from progressive to classic, roots to futurist, confirming the All-Stars place as one of the most influential acts on the US reggae scene. The album includes 12 songs and one dub, with guest appearances by The Meditations, Cas Haley, Junior Jazz, Lady Ann and Tony Tuff. Download the best track from the album, Don't Stop The Music for free on easystarallstars.bandcamp.com!!

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