Down By The River Side Hard 2 Find Vol 2
Down By The River Side - Hard 2 Find Vol.2
(Download/Limited CD) Colored-Inc. COLI002, 2010-03-21

Down By The River Side's first album is what some could call a 'jazz' album. Blending Jamaican harmonies with American Jazz or blaxploitation Funk, European folk & electronics with African percussions, Slam and Jazz with Hip Hop, Afrobeat with Gospel and Poetry, with some hefty doses of Reggae, Psychedelia and Soul in between, this is indeed a kind of a New Thing!

All production duties and nearly all instruments by Doctor L & Grant Phabao with star guesting Carlton Livingston, The Lone Ranger and The Jays (from Jamaica), Rare Moods and Kactus Hunters (from Paris), Allonymous (from Chicago) and Tony Allen (from Nigeria).
Tracklisting :
01. Zion Holy Place (jazz version) - feat. Grant Phabao & The Jays
02. Speaking For Myself - feat. Rare Moods
03. Jackie Statement (rework) - feat. Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston
04. Sweet Life (Grant Phabao Remix) - feat. Doctor L & Allonymous
05. Empty & Round - feat. Doctor L & Allonymous
06. Have You Got The Money Honey ? - feat. Doctor L
07. Runnin' For My Life - feat. Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston
08. Time To Take A Rest - feat. Psyco On Da Bus
09. Ethiopia - feat. Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger
10. Perfect Monster - feat. Kactus Hunters

Down By The River Side - Hard 2 Find Vol.2
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