DJ Andy Smith Jam Up Twist
Various - Jam Up Twist: 50's Jump Up Blues Northern Soul Ska! Rock A Billy
The Dynamite Sounds Of The Nationwide Club Night
Compiled by DJ Andy Smith
(CD/2xLP) Beat Goes Public CDBGPD 231/BGP2 231, 2011-04-26

After the mix CDs The Document, The Document II, The Document III, Andy Smith's Northern Soul, when Andy Smith was still presented as Portishead's DJ, after the compilations Diggin' In the BGP Vaults, Greensleeve's Document/, and many others, Andy Smith is back at BGP for a compilation in direct relation to his current Jam Up Twist parties! Once again Andy creates a seamless mix of tracks from the 50s through to the 70s, but it is his skill as a selector that really catches the ear. In each of the genres covered by the compilation he pulls out gems that are not only great tracks but relevant to a modern dancefloor, equally at home in the worlds of ska and Northern Soul.

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