Paris DJs need your help to fund the manufacturing of this classy double vinyl LP designed by Ben Hito. Strictly limited to a 500 copies, this collection of exclusive Grant Phabao remixes and productions will only see the light of day if this crowdfunding campaign is a success so we need your support ! The 2LP features Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Carlton Livingston, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, Leroy Gibbon, Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada, Suzanna Choffel, The Cactus Channel, The Grits, The Jays, The Lone Ranger, and The Silvertones.

Crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (english version)
Financement participatif sur Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (en Français)

Paris DJs Soundsystem Dis Is Reggae Soul
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1
Jamaican Grooves
(2LP limited edition vinyl, 500 copies only) Paris DJs PARISDJS051

This compilation will gather 12 original productions & remixes from Parisian producer Grant Phabao, most of which were only available digitally so far (cf.

The double LP, the insert that'll be included in it and the 4 center artworks have been illustrated by Paris DJs' graphic designer Ben Hito, an exceptional artist - you might have had the chance to stumble upon is monthly pin-ups in the French Rock'n'Folk magazine…

"Ben Hito, the only French artist who achieved the perfect alchemy between the hippie psychedelism from San Francisco 1967 et the Foucray wallpapers design from the Seventies" Rock'n'Folk magazine - Dec 2013

The quantities are strictly limited!! Only 500 copies of the 2LP will be available.

Tracklisting for the 2LP "Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1" :
A1. Jungle Fire - Firewalker (Grant Phabao Remix)
A2. The Grits - Make A Sound (Grant Phabao Remix)
A3. The Jays - Stepping Up In Time
B1. Afrodyete - Itchin' For Your Love
B2. Suzanna Choffel - Guardians (Grant Phabao Remix)
B3. The Lone Ranger - Fever
C1. Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Vendendo Saude E Fé feat. Tita Lima (Grant Phabao Remix)
C2. The Cactus Channel - Budokan (Grant Phabao Remix)
C3. The Silvertones - Old Man River
D1. The Lone Ranger - Weh The Reggae Come From (feat. Carlton Livingston)
D2. Leroy Gibbon - Wipe The Tear From Your Eye
D3. Carlton Livingston - Cramp & Paralyze

Listen to most of those tracks on this Soundcloud playlist :

Note : the Suzanna Choffel track "Guardians" is featured in this soundcloud selection in its original version, it's the Grant Phabao remix of the same track that will be the one featured in the 2LP. also the track "Feelin' You Feelin' Me" from Afrodyete is missing from this playlist but will feature on the final 2LP

Links :
> Crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (english version)
> Financement participatif sur Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (en Français)
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Artworks illustrated by Ben Hito

Paris DJs Soundsystem Dis Is Reggae Soul
Note : a complete digital version of the compilation is offered when you buy with the vinyl

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