Dels Trumpalump
Dels - Trumpalump
(12"/Download) Big Dada BD168/BDDNL168, 2010-11-29

The second single from his forthcoming debut album finds Kieren Dickins aka DELS collaborating once again with Hot Chip's Joe Goddard on a tune which throws all the rules about the correct structuring of a classic pop song out of the window, drags them back in through the backdoor and makes of them one of the most beautiful, funny and compelling rap records you've heard in a good old while. The record begins with DELS dropping a collage of thoughts and images over Goddard's chugging, squelching beat. With the second verse, the music changes, a more reflective, melancholy feel coming in as DELS rap resolves into the theme of dreams within dreams, the lyrics still funny, but more thoughtful and just as concrete in terms of the images they generate. Just when you think it can't get any better, a steel drum starts syncopating the beat and the tune is finished by Goddard's beautiful, understated chorus. Surprising, innovative and just plain different, you'll be reaching for rewind before you know it. We hope so, anyway…

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