Dels GOB album
(CD/2xLP/Download) Big Dada BD179/BDCD179/BDDNL179 , 2011-05-09

Kieren Dickins aka DELS is a new type of rapper (which is another way of saying that he’s more than just a rapper). Applying the kind of attention to detail, micro-management and macro-vision which Jay-Z used to build a business empire, DELS makes art. Popular art mind you, but art all the same, an album of emotional peaks, musical innovation and surreal, brilliant lyrics, held together by such a unique, such a strong vision that it sounds almost silly to suggest it’s just a debut. Already causing a stir with the tasters Shapeshift and Trumpalump (and the videos he masterminded for them), everything is now ready to show how these pieces fit into the bigger picture…

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