In France, subsidized music is one hell of a pain in the ass. You can't get any cultural grant if you don't have a physical distributor. But I haven't found any distro worth working with if you don't want to either lose money or get stolen from. For example (and even if I said it before many times) avoid Favorite/Big Single/The Pusher Distribution at all costs, this one is pure thievery & lies… In Brazil things are different. Subsidies have nothing to do with 20th century physical distribution. From what I understood, artists get grants for production & recording, but have to share the music digitally with the people afterwards. Now that seems fair!! Artists would kinda be paid to record by the government, and their music would be free to download, free to listen to. This should produce much better results that all the bullshit that we have here!!

And indeed, Criolo is one of the best examples of that equation. The São Paolo-based singer & rapper became internationally known after his briliant 'Nó Na Orelha' album from 2012, a superb eclectic set blending hip hop, brazilian grooves and even afrobeat. Three years later he's back with a new album, 'Convoque Seu Buda', which you can download for free on the artist' website. It's also available in the rest of the world, released on CD through Stern's Music for all the old-schoolers out there for whom a digital release is not enough. I'm such a person. I want to hold an object in my hands, with its beautiful (or not) artwork, liner notes and full credits. Call me retro if you want but as a media I receive something like one gigabyte of music every day. Who has the time to download, extract, rename, sort and listen to that amount of mainly un-named, un-tagged digital music?

Anyway, I digress. Thankfully this new Criolo album lands on my desk on CD. Alas I don't understand much of the lyrics, but it looks like the main subject is social criticism - even if I don't know how a Brazilian rapper would NOT be talking about the situation in Brazil after the worldwide shame that was the last world cup… The music and the global uplifting vibe, though, make this CD one to play on repeat at least a few times. Brazilian hip hop, afrobeat, soul, Afro-Brazilian rhythms and jazz collide marvelously, once again. There's even some reggae/dub to be found on 'Pé De Breque'! Criolo is really one of the most essential Brazilian artists today. Download this album as soon as possible!!

Criolo - Convoque Seu Buda
Criolo - Convoque Seu Buda
(CD) Okolo Records/Sterns Music STCD2024, 2014-12-08

Tracklisting :
01. Convoque Seu Buda 03:51
02. Casa de Papelao 04:59
03. Cartao de Visita 03:24
04. Esquiva da Esgrima 04:29
05. Fermento Pra Massa 03:41
06. Plano de Voo 03:37
07. Pegue Pra Ela 04:25
08. Pe de Breque 04:07
09. Duas de Cinco 03:45
10. Fio de Prumo (Pade Ona) 04:12

Links :
Free download of the full album on
Criolo : official | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Press Release :
Currently one of the most vital, popular and socially-relevant artists in Brazil, Criolo returns with the same team that produced Nó na orelha, the album that won him critical acclaim and loyal audiences the world over. Afrobeat, samba, hip hop, trip hop and tropicalia are evoked to deliver Criolo's observations, embibed as always with a voice that defines light and shade. Today there are no lips to kiss, no soul to cleanse, no life to live, but there’s money to count (chorus: Esquiva da Esgrima). Leave your spreadsheet at the door!

Credits :
Uma produção OLOKO RECORDS

Gravado por Daniel Ganjaman no estúdio El Rocha em São Paulo, Brasil. Mixado por Mario Caldato no MCJ Studio em Los Angeles, USA (exceto "Duas de Cinco", mixado por Daniel Ganjaman no estúdio El Rocha em São Paulo, Brasil).

Produção Musical: Daniel Ganjaman e Marcelo Cabral
Direção Artística: Daniel Ganjaman
Assistente de Gravação: Fernando Sanches
Masterizado por Robert Carranza em Los Angeles, U.S.A
Arranjos de Base: Daniel Ganjaman e Marcelo Cabral, exceto "Fermento pra Massa": Kiko Dinucci, Rodrigo Campos, Daniel Ganjaman e Marcelo Cabral
Arranjos de Cordas: Marcelo Cabral
Arranjos de Metais: "Casa De Papelão", por Thiago França, e "Pé de Breque", por Daniel Ganjaman
Direção de Arte: Denis Cisma

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