CSC Funk Band Thing Are Getting Too Casual
CSC Funk Band - Thing Are Getting Too Casual
(CD/LP) Fat Beats FB5145-1, 2011-06-13

Fat Beats Records is proud to announce that their first funk signees, CSC Funk Band, will release their album, Things Are Getting Too Casual, on June 14th, 2011. Recognized by the Village Voice as Brooklyn noise-punk scene's very first funk band, CSC Funk Band is a random, diverse, and eclectic 11-member band hell bent on fully exhibiting the energy they exude in their live shows with their debut album. Spearheaded by Colin Langenus, lead guitarist for prog-punk pioneers USA Is A Monster, the band has absorbed the diverse influence of new additions to the family, including a former GWAR drummer, a former Akron Family keyboardist, an Anthony Braxton collaborator, and a trombonist for ska legends Bad Manners. Rocking saxes, moog, guitars, trombones, drums, trumpets, a bass, and an oboe (!), the band members' technical mastery can be traced back to everything from avant-experimentation to noise-punk.

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