Blitz The Ambassador Native Suns
Blitz The Ambassador - Native Sun
(CD/Digital) Jakarta Records, 2011-05-06

Even though he'll be releasing his 4th album, Native Sun, in may, two weeks ago, I had never heard of Blitz The Ambassador. Then I met with Seun Kuti who playlisted him in his selection for Paris DJs, and who told me to go and check his music asap, describing it as some "Ghanean-American Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, but more hip hop"… After a short downloading session I must admit I was absolutely stunned!! This is HEAVY HEAVY shit, this is not Afro, this is not Hip Hop, it's both, and it's more than both. "Africa Is The Future" indeed!! Blitz The Ambassador has been touring in France these days, so I decided to meet him and invite the man to be the second guest in the World People series of mixes we've just started on Paris DJs (the concept being that the next guest in the series must be someone playlisted by the previous guest). Thanks for the kind people of the iWelcome promo agency, I finally met Blitz last monday (april 18th) and we had a long talk about African music, Ghana, Ebo Taylor, Voodoofunk and Soundway Records, Brooklyn, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shad and a few other artists from his playlist… which you'll be able to hear in the Blitz The Ambassador mix we'll put online early may!! And this new album? "Native Sun the album is a journey backwards, back through hip hop, the Caribbean soundsystem culture that preceded it, back to its African roots, with the final kora", notes Blitz...

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