Big Pimp Jones Hanging with Roscoe
Big Pimp Jones - Hanging With Roscoe
(7") Freestyle Records FSR7064, 2010-08-30

The forthcoming rediscovered sequel Jimmy Ruckus And The Five Fingers of Death is a curious cinematic effort featuring fight scene which featured over 20 beheadings; naked female assassins using poison lip balm; a chase scene involving a monarail, a harpoon and six bison; and one of the most bizarre sex scenes ever committed to film. This slamming 45 is a teaser to wet the appetites of those discerning records buyers who flipped, slipped and fell in love with the preceding super rare blaxploitation soundtrack: Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus. The A side Hanging With Roscoe presents us with skuzzy drums, finger blistering bass lines and chicken shed saxophone - which is lucky as the vocals inform us that Roscoe 'makes the best fried chicken' and if anyone knows his chicken it's Big Pimp Jones! The B side is the pudding in this 2 part food theme funk-out Jump Up, Turnaround Popcorn is a sweet finish to this delicious meal!

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