Belleruche 3 Amp Fuse
Belleruche - 3 Amp Fuse
(Digital single) Tru Thoughts TRUDD023, 2011-04-04

The third single from Belleruche's highly lauded 270 Stories album is 3 Amp Fuse, to be released digitally on 4th April, closely following the London trio's debut appearance at SXSW. 3 Amp Fuse epitomises the London trio's knack for fashioning a sound that is both catchy and unusual, and cooks up the perfect pop storm; opening with emphatic kettle drums and a driving bassline topped off with Kathrin deBoer's bittersweet, world-worn vocals and suspenseful, staccato strings, it builds to a shuddering crescendo in three minutes on the dot. The 3 Amp Fuse single release features three tasty bonus tracks: 13.6.35 (Natural Self Remix), Scratch My Soul (Loki Remix), and Fuzz Face (Pollyn Remix), all of which will delight and intrigue fans.
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