Two musicians from the Souljazz Orchestra escape from their main act, into a parallel project, a quintet called the Atlantis Jazz Ensemble — and it's a complete success. No afro-funk grooves and other dancing tunes here, but night-timed, melancholic instrumentals, in the finest tradition of modal jazz - esoteric or spiritual. A timeless record, an instant classic ending with a sublime composition, "Aegean Mist". For lovers of Alice Coltrane, Mulatu Astatke or Matthew Halsall.
Review translated from the Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine #2 - july/august 2016 issue

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite
(CD/LP/Digital) Marlow Records MR-065, 2016-04-15

Tracklisting :
01. Pillars Of Hercules 6:38
02. Yemaya 9:40
03. Undercurrents 7:11
04. Leviathan 4:39
05. Ebb And Flow 6:07
06. Blue Nile 4:48
07. Aegan Mist 6:31

Links :
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble : cdbaby | discogs | dustygroove | facebook | itunes | youtube
Marlow Records : official | facebook

French Review :
Deux des musiciens du Souljazz Orchestra s’échappent pour un projet parallèle en quintet baptisé Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - et c’est une réussite totale. Ici - pas de grooves afro-funk et de morceaux dansants - mais des instrumentaux mélancoliques et nocturnes dans la grande tradition du jazz modal - ésotérique ou spirituel. Un disque intemporel - un classique instantané qui s’achève par une composition sublime - "Aegean Mist". Pour les amateurs d’Alice Coltrane - de Mulatu Astatke ou de Matthew Halsall.
Review extracted from the Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine #2 - july/august 2016 issue

Press Release :
Marlow Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Atlantis Jazz Ensemble's debut album, Oceanic Suite, an ambitious seven-part conceptual jazz album depicting the sea and other related themes... Sounds out there, but trust us, it's amazing - this one's for the real music lovers out there, soulful, spiritual and esoteric jazz at its best, this could be some lost album by Miles, Trane or Mulatu - for real. Comes out officially in stores on Friday, April 15th 2016 in vinyl LP, CD and digital formats, and the band is having their official album release party at the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa on Saturday, April 30th 2016... Don't miss it!

Band Members :
Ed Lister - trumpet
Zakari Frantz - alto saxophone
Pierre Chrétien - electric piano
Alex Bilodeau - double bass
Mike Essoudry - drums

Biography :
Like the mythical Lost Continent that gave it its name, the Atlantis Jazz Ensemble's music lies somewhere between the shores of Africa, Europe, and the Americas, influenced by jazz currents stemming from both sides of the Atlantic.

The group was founded in 2013 by saxophonist Zakari Frantz and pianist Pierre Chrétien of the Souljazz Orchestra, both looking to explore new directions in modal, spiritual and esoteric jazz music. They recruited like-minded trumpeter Ed Lister, double bassist Alex Bilodeau, and drummer Mike Essoudry for the journey, and the new combo was soon on its way.

After spending a few years refining the group's signature sound through residencies at the infamous Petit Chicago in Old-Hull, the Atlantis Jazz Ensemble is now releasing its long-awaited debut LP, "Oceanic Suite", a seven-part conceptual jazz album depicting the sea and other related themes. Slated for release with Marlow Records on April 15th, 2016, the combo is now ready to make some serious waves.

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