Keb Darge Little Eidth Legendary Wild Rockers
Various - Americana Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free
Compiled by Zafar Chwodhry & Mark "Goodvibes" Taylor
(CD/2xLP/Digital) Barely Breaking Even BBE181CCD/BBE181CLP/BBE181CDG, 2011-07-04

When two 40-year old DJs are looking for the same records it's all about he nostalgia thing.... The sound of the youth of Zafar Chwodhry & Mark "Goodvibes" Taylor was A.O.R. - Adult Oriented Rock, basically soft rock with elements of soul, jazz, funk, folk & disco. What is notable about the music is that it’s neither black nor white, but contains elements of both, and though its influences undoubtedly derive from R&B (in the old meaning of the word), there are country, jazz, funk, rock and disco tinges to many of the songs. This is music for a summer’s day, with the barbecue smoking out steaks, the Chardonnay on ice and the hubbub of happiness in the background. If you place it on your car stereo, you won’t get past the third song before you hit the nearest car dealership demanding a soft-top car. “Something is wrong, she’s heading for LA,” sings James Walsh. Deep down, we all are.

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