Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra Ayodegi
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Ayodegi - A Modern Afro-Fusion Ensemble
(CD/2xLP/Digital) Underdogs Records, 2011-03-13

After their first album Definitely Roots in 2009, the French crew Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra is back with their new opus entitled Ayodegi. Still at the crossroad of Jazz funk, Hip hop oldskool, Ethio groove, Descarga and their raw and typical Afro funk, the Masta Conga Production new release under Underdog Records license will enjoy rare grooves lovers with this atomic 10 tracks blending. Founded by the multi-percussionist Masta Conga in 2007 and composed with a core of 10 musicians from the Paris-based underground stage (Les Frères Smith, Blossom, Summa Suffaz, Chevere que son), the crew realizes on this magnificent double vinyl album a performance more instrumental and expresses clearly its wish to pay tribute in the energy of the productions of the 70s.

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