Band Members :
Ali Friend (Double Bass)
David Ayers (Guitar)
Rich Thair (Drums)
Tom Challenger (Saxophone, Clarinet and Melodica)

Press Release :
Once again back...Red Snapper return from the outer reaches to bring you six brand new tracks and once again they are a rocking 3 piece with firing saxophone. And once again it's impossible to define the sound they make...afro jazz, krautrock, rockabilly, hip hop and funk all bubble in their dub melting pot. /dub duty and live in the studio with Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas.

The album was recorded live in concert with Darius Kedros on mixing/dub duty and live in the studio with Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas. New sax (and clarinet) man Tom Challenger brings back the edge to make these recordings truly sizzle. Anyone who has caught them live will know what a unique and powerful live band they are. A Pale Blue Dot is both document and mission statement. The album also features radical new re-interpretations of 2 of the tracks, one apiece by Kelpe and Subway, stretching the future jazz vibe riiiiight out. So there you have it an album that feels so good, so right, so now.

For anyone who needs it, here's a very brief recap on the Snapper to date:
1994 Red Snapper formed in Hammersmith, London / release 3 ep's on Dean Thatcher’s Flaw label / After show at Glastonbury they sign to Warp records / 1996 debut album 'Prince Blimey' released / remixes for Garbage, David Holmes, Lamb, Sabres Of Paradise etc / 1998 'Making Bones' album released feat MC Det and Alison David / tours with Massive Attack, Bjork and The Prodigy / 2000 3rd and final album for Warp 'Our Aim Is To Satisfy' released / Red Snapper decide to take a break / 2003 Lo recordings release the 'Red Snapper' album, a collection of unreleased tracks with live versions and remixes / an album of mixes released by Lo under the title 'Redone' / After 7 years off Red Snapper get back to it and play the Big Chill festival / dates all over Europe / new recordings for 'A Pale Blue Dot' album.

About Red Snapper :
Red Snapper began in a sweaty rehearsal room in Hammersmith working their dirty jam of hiphop/jazz and rockabilly with sax player Alan Riding which soon became 3 EPs on Thair and Dean Thatcher's label Flaw Recordings. With help from White Noise's Chris Butler and a belting set @ the Jazz Stage Glastonbury they secured a 'record deal' with Warp Records (and Matador in the US). There followed loads of live shows with punkfunk vocalist Anna Haigh and Ex 'Pig Bag' sax player Ollie Moore.

The band's debut album, 'Prince Blimey' like their new one, was produced and mixed by the band and Tim Holmes (Death In Vegas) and released with great praise. Their subsequent live shows proved further they rocked live. Red Snapper remixes of the likes of Garbage, David Holmes, Sabres of Paradise and Troublefunk furthered their reputation as a truly experimental act.

Rich, David and Ali worked with engineer Luke Gordon, Mc Det and Vocalist Allison David on their following album 'Making Bones' (also released in the US on Matador) following which the band garnered even more acclaim and dates supporting the likes of Massive Attack, Bjork and The Prodigy as well as slots playing live on TV shows like Jools Hollands. Often they were joined by analogue kidbadboy Jake Williams (Flameboy) in a much needed input of 808/loop frenzy.

By now the live show had become a fantastic blend of uk dirt jazz/hiphop/breaks with Det and Allison David leading the show....The Red Snapper three went back into their Waterloo studio and produced another epic album involving vocalist Karim Kendra, MC Det and Mr Williams which resulted in more sellout shows and a bizarre departure from Warp records and word that the band were going quiet in 2002.

2003's 'Red Snapper' on Lo Recordings was thought to be their final album (bringing together unreleased tracks, live cuts and remixes) but it was followed by the remix album 'Redone' also on Lo Recordings.

In summer 2007 they were asked to headline a stage at the BigChill festival. Rich, David and Ali were joined onstage by youngblood Tom Challenger on sax, melodica and clarinet and Darius Kedros on sound/dub duty. The show was a great success with fans from all musical backgrounds and resulted in the band being commissioned to compose the music for the art/film installations run by Big Chill Festival crew for the opening of Eurotunnel in London @ St.Pancras Train Station. Winter 2007 saw Snapper in the studio recording new tracks with Tim Holmes brought together here as "Pale Blue Dot". Live they promise to continue their relentless search for the real fuckoffjazz. Gigs are flying in - stay tuned.