Press Release :
After years of passion and hard work, Daniel Best's Best Seven imprint has gone from strength to strength. Established almost ten years ago, it has brought legendary New Zealand bands Fat Freddys Drop and The Black Seeds to Europe, and helped artists such as Eva Be, Chaka Domu, Kabuki, Paul St. Hilaire and Frost & Wagner establish a name for themselves. Almost 2 years after the second in the series, Best is ready to release a brand new collection of dub and reggae gems; and it has definitely been worth the wait. Best Seven Selections 3 is simply the best instalment of the series so far.

Best Seven Selections 3 is an astounding collection of music fused with dub spirit, soulful vocals and conscious lyrics, showcasing upcoming artists like Sisters, Ladi 6, Jah Seal, Cat Rat and The Dynamics, as well as some of the Best Seven stalwarts and bigger names on the dub and reggae scene. While reggae is the common meeting point for all the music featured on Best Seven Selections 3, this new chapter easily crosses the traditional boundaries of the genre, combining roots, reggae and dub with more personal influences and musical flavours from across the world. All this makes Best Seven Selections 3 a musical benchmark for the dub, roots and reggae community.

The album starts on a feminine note with the Sisters take on Play With Fire by the Rolling Stones. Sisters is an Afro-German soul best known for their activism, joining soul, dub and conscious lyrics to form a musical statement against all forms of racism. Berlin based drum'n'bass producer Kabuki reveals a hidden side of his musical soul with the soulful Another You. Deeper Waters is the first single from Recloose's latest album Perfect Timing, and features Kiwi legend Joe Dukie on vocals while Yes King provide exemplary remix duties. Frost & Wagner provide You're The Best Thing, a brand-new original composition which is a featured release on this compilation. The Black Seeds enlighten our spirits with Love Is A Radiation, the second single taken from their new album Solid Ground.

New Zealand's premier female vocalist Ladi 6 kicks off the second half with Walk Right Up, a powerful dub-roots number. The Dynamics explore the connection between Jamaican reggae and American soul with their moody cover of 90% Of Me Is You. Sygaire melds dub and reggae sounds with Arabic influences for Good To Go, while Tosca provide an album exclusive with Brian Emely, a track that fuses roots vocals with their inimitable downtempo style. Berlin's Jah Seal slow down the tempo even more with the heavyweight Jah Soldier. Finally, renowned remixers Haaksman + Haaksman conclude the compilation with Na Lathina, a track that couples dub infusions with Latino and Brazilian spices.

Daniel Best once again proves that dub-reggae is a global music genre that builds upon the past to look towards the future; and with Best Seven Selections 3 the future sound of dub and reggae is already in your ears!