Press Release :
Upcoming Album Release Marks the End of Fila Brazillia

Kingston upon Hull, 19 May 2008: Fila Brazillia fanatics finally have an answer to the question that's left them baffled... "Where has Fila Brazillia gone?" While official news of the electronic duo's demise may prove shocking to some, co-founder Steve Cobby has been in pursuit of something greater, starting with the creation of Steel Tiger Records in late 2006. Having over 45 singles, 16 full length releases, and remixes for artists such as Radiohead and Black Uhuru under his belt, the move was the next logical step in the progression of Cobby's career.

Steel Tiger Records is the brainchild of Cobby and long-time compatriot Sim Lister. The two had previously partnered on numerous ventures, including Twentythree Records, the label responsible for the release of Fila Brazillia's final projects. Additionally, Cobby and Lister were two-thirds of the side project Heights of Abraham - with vocalist and composer Jake Harries - and continue to produce music together as the duo J*S*T*A*R*S*. With these two talents combined, Steel Tiger Records promises an abundance of fresh sounds that past Fila Brazillia fans will likely find both satisfying and addictive.

In its first year of operations, Steel Tiger Records saw a full-length release by the dance-oriented project J*S*T*A*R*S*, a one-off EP release by Peacecorps and preliminary digital singles by The Cutler. While post-release feedback has given Cobby and Lister reason to be optimistic about all three projects, the two are currently focusing their attention on The Cutler's upcoming debut of Cutler, a release that will truly mark the beginning of a new era... and the end of Fila Brazillia.

In late 2007, BBC Radio 1 DJ and UK music festival "Bestival" curator Rob da Bank played an exclusive preview of The Cutler on his radio show and expressed his praise for the duo and their tunes stating, "Beautiful! Lovin' The Cutler. Ace to hear some proper music being made again."

A testament to shared aspirations, the electronic duo known as The Cutler reunites Steve Cobby with the man partially responsible for the success of Fila Brazillia, Dave "Porky" Brennand. Brennand made his mark on the European music scene after forming the UK-based indie label Pork Recordings in 1991 and has released over 100 singles and albums to date. "Porky bestows his own brand of musical sensibilities as part of The Cutler duo," says Cobby. Brennand adds, "The success of Fila Brazillia was a glimpse into the future that is with us now." The Cutler's self-titled debut album will see a digital and physical CD release on 7 July 2008, and will be distributed physically and digitally world-wide by Kudos Records Ltd. Digital versions of the release will be available via iTunes, Emusic, Napster and a host of independent download stores, and over mobile.

For past followers of Fila Brazillia and the talented individuals behind it's success, the next chapter lies in the hands of Steel Tiger and its upcoming Cutler release. As they move upward and onward, Cobby, Lister, and Brennand maintain a focused mission... to make proper music again.