Press Release :
We are delighted to announce the signing of L.A. based musician 'Flying Lotus'.

We first heard Flying Lotus when he recorded the track 'Two Bottom Blues' for the Plug Research 'Sound of L.A. Volume 2' EP. This track immediately stood out head and shoulders above anything to us, we got rather excited.

Our instincts were further confirmed when other artists on Warp such as Mark Pritchard and Prefuse 73 also started enthusing about this young guy from L.A. making this fresh and unusual sound.

So we got in touch, and everything fell into place, it confirmed to us that Flying Lotus is a classic Warp artist, a confident talent who's rapidly developing his own sound, pushing it out and experimenting with a strong idea of what he wants to do, but open minded and humble enough to know that where his music ends up might not be what he planned when he started.

Furthermore, it didn't come as a surprise when we found out that Flying Lotus has strong family connections with two of the most revered Jazz musicians of the 20th century; his Aunt is Alice Coltrane, musical collaborator and wife of John Coltrane and keeper of a rich musical legacy.

We welcome Flying Lotus to Warp!

Review :
His new Lp called Los Angeles comes on June 9th. This is gonna be the first full album release of FlyLo on Warp. Mixing liquid beats with electronic & ambience. He creates an original addictive sound which draws in imagination endless dark space field around cosmic ship. Two beautiful songs dedicated to his Aunt Alice Coltrane . Another track "Roit" has a bit of a dubstep feel to it and 'Parisian Goldfish' is more like a house song. Damn good folow up to his first album "1983". Check!!
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