Press Release (french) :
Un voyage au coeur de la soul et du boogie, compilé par l’excellent Rainer Trüby, Theo Thoenessen & Roland Appel. De CAMEO à TOTO, en passant par Alicia Myers. Good Old Music!!!

Press Release :
Together with rainer trueby and roland appel, i had the pleasure to put together a nice little boogie and soul compilation named after a oldschool-club night we do from time to time called "maiden voyage". It's out on munich's Compost Records...
But what am I talking, below is the whole story.

Back in 1993 Munich's Into Somethin' crew started a clubnight entitled"Maiden Voyage". The idea behind it was simple: while the successful weekly Into Somethin'sessions set up by Michael Reinboth, Florian Keller and Theo Thoennessen in 1989 kept on providing a take on the current state of dancemusic from a Jazz DJ's point of view the guys wanted to establish another night dedicated strictly to the classics. Jazz, Soul, Brasil, Boogie and Disco have been on the musical menu at Maiden Voyage ever since.

The kickoff and a handful of further sessions happened at the"Allotria"before the Maiden Voyage crew moved to a place called"The Loft". Though the latter didn..t have too much in common with David Mancuso's legendary living room it turned out to be a perfect spot for the following three years. Since'97 the Maiden Voyage Nights have been happening at the Atomic Café, an intimate 60's style Club in Munich's downtown, for a variety of reasons. Any club where the owner himself regularly had more drinks by the end of the night than the DJ's can't be a bad choice... not to mention a mysterious golden cape, but that's a different story.

However, Maiden Voyage became kind of a regular family reunion of Germany's Jazz DJ alliance from the very start. Some of the nations finest DJ's have been showing up over the past years to play 100% pure old school selections to a mixed crowd of musiclovers from all across the board. Rainer Trueby played his first ever guest-DJ gig at the Maiden Voyage opening night and joined the resident DJ crew straight away. Jazzanova's Juergen v. Knoblauch has been playing frequently as well as Beanfield's Michi Mettke amongst others. Michael Reinboth and Florian Keller still love to play a set at Maiden Voyage every now and then but both guys left the ship's bridge to concentrate on their variety of other projects in the late 90's. Theo and Rainer were joined by Roland Appel of Fauna Flash, Trueby Trio and Voom:Voom fame instead to form the infamous threepiece that kept on keeping on ever since.

I had the pleasure to play at Maiden Voyage several times over the years and it's definitely one of my alltime-favourite sessions. Thanks, boys!
Ship Ahoy!
Heiko Jahnke (beta lounge, hamburg)