Biography :
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the Lefties Soul Connection sound is the word RAW. Their sound is heavily influenced by the Meters but also by obscure funk & soul bands from the 60s and early 70s. You can also hear some mod, 60s garage, breakbeat and hip-hop influences. Another word to describe Lefties is SOUL. With much soul they create the heaviest fatback break beats, bass lines that hit you low in the gut, chicken guitar riffs and gritty, screaming Hammond organ sounds; on record and at live shows.

Lefties Soul Connection are dropping their second album Skimming The Skum in May. Alviz, Onno, Bram and Cody are keeping it as raw as ever but their sound has progressed big time. Don't expect some "Hutspot II". This is deep funk with a whole new meaning! The first single "Fais Do-Do" is coming in late March.
Press Release :
Second album from Amsterdam's hardest working funk-band LEFTIES SOUL CONNECTION

Amsterdam may not be known for gritty funk and soul but the diversity, drive and spirit of this great city is in many ways reflected in the music of Lefties Soul Connection. Even though the Lefties' sound is rooted in the classic funk of bands like the Meters, they are by no way trapped in the past. Lefties Soul Connection are a band of today creating songs for the year 2007 and beyond.

Their second album is titled "Skimming The Skum". I manyways, hat's what they have done since day one. The Lefties DIY approach is taking the funk back to basics. Organ, guitar, bass and drums ñ recorded on 8 tracks at an old factor hall in the outskirts of Amsterdam. One takes onlywith no additives or overdubs added.

It is this undiluted rawness that makes their music so intense and soulful. At the same time "Skimming The Skum" is exploring new territories. The album has more to offer than the taking-no-prisoners funk bangers the band is known for. They are still there off course with songs like "Fais Do-Do" or "Paul Newman" but now they are sitting next to soul clappers like "Get Back (Drum & Clap)" (featuring guitarist Onno on vocals), the steamy swamp funk of the title track or the heavy slow-motion groove of "Chop It!".

The Lefties' music has developed big time over the last 12 months. And 2006 was a great year for the band anyway. Things kicked off with their now classic version of DJ Shadow's "Organ Donor". The 7" single did not only sell 5.000 + copies, it also introduced the band to a whole new audience. "Organ Donor" was followed by their first album "Hutspot" which sold more than 10.000 units worldwide while Alviz, Onno, Bram, Cody and Paul were the road for the best part of the year. And it is the relentless touring that has spread the word and sharpened the sound of the band more than anything else. From clubs in Germany, England, France, Switzerland and Hungary to the big summer festivals in the Netherlands, the Lefties never failed to set the roof on fire.

In 2007 Lefties Soul Connection are no longer a best kept secret on the funk scene, getting their praise on message boards and Myspace. The Lefties are real life band ready to take world.

The album Lefties Soul Connection "Skimming The Skum" (Melting Pot) is going to be released May 11, 2007.