Press Release :
- Album of ALL NEW UNRELEASED tracks by the Grammy award winning Black Uhuru frontman & reggae legend
- Should help stimulate reorders of the Michael Rose vocal album 'African Roots'
- Featuring some Reggae's greatest musical talents including Sly Dunbar & Dean Fraser.
- Recorded in Jamaica, London & Studio Twilight
- Another quality Twilight production 2006

Biography Michael Rose :
From his early solo work for Niney the Observer through a trailblazing stint as lead singer of Black Uhuru - netting reggae music itÕs first Grammy - to his magnificent later solo work, Michael Rose has consistently remained at the helm of one of reggaeÕs most far - reaching sounds. He can always be counted on to be challenging, topical, musically expansive and lyrically visionary - no small feat in a genre that sets aside old styles like ska, rock steady, roots and dub for the rest of the world to mine as it drives relentlessly forward.

Rose has often flown in the face of tradition, walking away from Uhuru at the peak of their popularity, incorporating sounds and styles lesser artists might eschew and following his own instinct where others might seek safe haven. As a result he has retained a top spot in a field that has seen many come and go. On this release Michael works with some of Reggae's greatest musical talents recording in Jamaica, England and the Netherlands. Chuck Foster

Musicians :
Skully Simms: Percussion
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Dean Fraser: Saxophone
Nambo: Trombone
Norman Grant: Percussion
Chinna Smith: Guitars
Bowie McLachlan: Keys
Ryan Moore: Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitars

Produced & mixed by Ryan Moore - A Twilight Production

Studios :
Steven Stanley Studio - Kingston, Jamaica
Eccentric Directions - London, England
Junior Delgado's Incredible Music - London, England
Studio Twilight - The Netherlands

Press Release (french) :
Nouvel album du gagnant des Grammy awards avec Black Uhuru, Michael Rose revient avec une bombe à laquelle ont participé nombre des meilleurs musiciens reggae : Sly dunbar, dean Fraser, Nambo, Chinna Smith…

Enregistré entre Kingston, Londres et la Hollande, cet album laisse clairement la part belle à la superbe voix de Michael Rose pour des parole conscious et un titre d’album "Warrior" qui rappelle que Michael Rose reste authentique.