Biography :
Swollen Members just released their definitive album, Black Magic (September 12th 2006, Battle Axe Records). On the strength of their unique sound and a live show that stands without comparison in hip hop, Swollen are taking it back to the basics building a movement one fan at a time. By no means is this the beginning of the story, as they have been paying their dues since the 90s when rappers Mad Child and Prevail first joined forces to release a series of critically acclaimed 12 singles on Mad Childs own label Battle Axe Records. The Rock Steady Crew-affiliated groups debut full-length, Balance hit streets in 1999 to a wave of critical praise. Its dark but aggressive sound combined with Swollen Members reputation for rocking crowds from LA to Tokyo cemented their position in the independent hip hop world.

With the release of their sophomore album Bad Dreams in 2001, Swollen Members saw their music embraced by a widespread audience in Canada. Commercial radio and video airplay fuelled Swollen mania, and accolades and awards piled up, including the Vancouver British Columbia crew winning Juno Awards (Canadian version of a Grammy) three years in a row. Bad Dreams was certified platinum in Canada, Balance went gold, and their third album Monsters in the Closet has also nearly reached platinum status. Producer Rob The Vikings contributions led to him being made an official member as Swollen Members became the best selling hip hop group in Canadian history. Though they spent several years promoting and touring almost exclusively in Canada, with no international promotion their records have sold nearly 500,000 copies worldwide, still through the ever-independent Battle Axe.

In the wake of this success, Swollen Members pulled back from the outside world to focus on recording Black Magic. Over two years in the making, the album largely sees the group returning to the dark signature sound they have become synonymous with. A melting pot of introspective lyrics, bookworm intellectualism, aggressive beats and party-rocking jams, the album features collaborations with Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan), Everlast, Dilated Peoples, Mr. Vegas, Hieroglyphics, The Alchemist, Mix Master Mike, Planet Asia, Phil The Agony, and more. Storming out of hibernation with their sights firmly focused on the United States, Swollen Members are poised to begin an endless barrage of touring, bringing their renowned live show and sound to the masses.