Press Release :
The New Gold Standard is the debut CD release from Fort Knox Recordings, featuring newly minted sounds from the Fort Knox Five, Rex Riddem, Speedy Consuela, International Velvet, and Liftoff. With The New Gold Standard, the Fort Knox Five have compiled a collection of breakthrough singles and some vault classics to showcase the groundbreaking sounds of their premier funk and breaks label.
To kick things off, Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi help deliver a statement straight to the Capitol in Radio Free DC. Akil Dasan is heard Blowing Up the Spot in one of the earliest FK5 productions. Followed up by the instant classic, The Brazilian Hipster. Which has been featured on numerous compilations, including the illustrious Hotel Costes Sept. Rex Riddem meets Carlos Scorpiao in Bahia, the African state of Brasil, to create Salvador Diaspora. Add a little twist of FK5 and you have a bouncing latin funk bomb. Speedy Consuela drop Sundaydream. A chillout anthem for any laidback afternoon. Jah Kamonzi goes into dub mode on the new exclusive Fort Knox Five track, Once Again. Followed by The Big Score, a superfunk soundtrack reminescent to a '70s bank heist. Speedy Consuela returns with the Indie pop nugget, Sukka Suited, a call to arms for all you mod cons out there. The Fort Knox Five picks up the pace with the scorching Dodge City Rockers, featuring Mustafa Akbar rocking the funk. The unique voice of Thievery Corporation collaborator, Roots of See-I, is featured on International Velvet's deep rocker, Baby Shiva. Liftoff makes it debut with Shine, a brit-beat groover filled with flower power harmonies. Mustafa returns with his out of this world vocal stylings, this time teaming up with International Velvet, for the interplanetary mix of Chariot. The journey continues with Liftoff's Autumn, a sitar soaked pschedelic narrative taking you through strawberry fields with the Walrus and the Eggman. What better way to end this spliffed out mission than with Kool It Man. Liftoff takes us out of here with a crazy sonic venture made for any latenight session.
With The New Gold Standard, the Fort Knox Five take things to a new level, bringing 14 songs that represent the past, present and future of their label.