Press Release :
Still reeling from the dazzling response received from his last album, 'Are + Be', Mocky delves deep into his little bag of musical tricks and serves up a quality third solo recording, 'Navy Brown Blues'. The new album dishes out 12 stunning tracks that draw on Mocky's infamous soulful, cross genre music. Coupled with his existential and sensitive lyrics, this tried and tested formula has once again created a fantastic record, which will be performed live, supported by an outstanding line-up.

Back in 1999, Mocky moved from Canada to Europe to join his friends, Gonzales and Peaches , with whom he had already played in Canada in the legendary band, The Shit , whose song 'Animal' also features in a new form on 'Navy Brown Blues'.

Mocky's long-standing collaborator Gonzales is on board again, playing a number of tracks live with Mocky , all recorded at a studio in Paris .

'Navy Brown Blues' also features the talents of art popper, Jamie Lidell , whose trademark falsetto vocals can be heard on the kick ass track, 'In the Meantime'. These two talented artists/producers first hooked up in 2004 for Mocky's track, 'How Will I Know You'. This brilliant collaboration has marked the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between the two and impressively continues on 'Navy Brown Blues'.

The first single from the album, 'Fightin' Away The Tears', featuring Canadian vocalist Feist, was also recorded in Paris , while Mocky produced the rest of the album at his new backyard studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Feist kick started her career opening for the Ramones with her high school punk rock band, Placebo (not to be confused with the UK modern rock outfit), before embarking on a punk/pop career, where she sang and toured in support of Peaches' debut album, 'Teaches Of Peaches'. Not one to stay too long in one place, Feist joined Broken Social Scene in the recording of their sophomore effort, 'You Forgot It In People'. The album, which was released in 2002, became a critical success among the indie crowds after winning a Juno Award for 'Alternative Album of the Year' in 2003. Feist also collaborated with Norwegian duo, Kings Of Convenience , as a guest vocalist on their album, 'Riot On An Empty Street '.

Taylor Savvy , who got together with Mocky on 'Are + Be', completes the three vocal collaborations on the track 'Elementary'. This time around Mocky is on stage to breathe real life into his album with the very fabulous Navy Brown Blues Band . Keep an eye out!