Tracklisting "Alternate Take" Mix :
01. Fresh (Rockers Hi-Fi Feelgood Version) - Yasushi Ide feat. Big Youth
02. The Call - Afroblok
03. 2001 Afrostylo - Lightning Head
04. Funky Hi Life - C.K. Mann
05. Munchies - Belgradeyard Soundsystem
06. Water Samba - Keisuke Suzuki
07. Super Version - The Bug
08. Now I Fade Away - Yush 2k
Rockers Hi Fi mashup 09. La No Suzano - Carlos Malta e Pife Muderno
10. Get Carter - Stereolab
11. Nsu Abu Voz - Lightning Head
12. Almighty Father - Sunship feat. Warrior Queen
13. Hey Baby - J-Nova
14. Future Warrior - Daz-I-Cue
15. You've Made Me So Very Happy - Lou Rawls

Info "Podcast May 2005" Mix :
Features Bigga Bush; Lightning Head; Fela Kuti; Spank Rock; Trickski; Funk; Dub; Edu K; DJ Shadow; Balkan; Bucovina...

Biography :
Glyn "Bigga" Bush is an independent non-aligned producer and DJ based in the South West of England. His two main projects BiggaBush and Lightning Head reflect his love of dub reggae, Brazilian rhythms and Afro-Cuban beats and he has produced two albums "Studio Don" (Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv) and "BiggaBush Free" (Stereo Deluxe) as well as many remixes (Tapper Zukie, Tosca, Up Bustle & Out). His DJing style is also eclectic, taking in virtually any style of music with the emphasis on original and un-formularised, from jungle to boogaloo, from dub to breakbeat. He is a regular at the UK's Big Chill festival and plays club dates across the globe, particularly in continental Europe but more recently in Japan and the USA. In addition to DJing he leads a 10-piece percussion group, the Magic Drum Orchestra, which plays a similarly wide range of grooves including samba, batucada, samba reggae, afrobeat, bembe, dancehall and funk.
Bush is also well-known for his decade long involvement in Rockers Hi Fi, Birmingham (UK)-based dub rockers who hung up their echo machines in 2000 having produced a string of albums for Island, Warners and K7 along with remixes for Ella Fitzgerald, Sly & Robbie, Ennio Morricone and many more.

Press Release "Sound Sensation" :
As one half of legendary Birmingham based outfit Rockers Hi-Fi, Glyn "Bigga" Bush redefined musical history and independent dancefloor business more than just once during the 90s. Constantly exploring the infinite and thrilling space between deep dub vibes, soulful musical tradition, up to date electronica and the grooviest global beat flavours stayed Bigga's mission even more so after Rockers Hi-Fi split up a few years ago. Following the path of his highly influential solo ventures under the Lightning Head moniker, Bigga Bush released the prophetic "Biggabush Free" album on Stereo Deluxe in 2004 and earned a huge amount of love and respect among fans and critics around the world alike.

These days, Bigga's production homebase is located near Dorset/UK, deep in the countryside: a perfect base for daring all sorts of eclectic sound excursions. The "studio don" constantly sharpens his production skills there, living and breathing within his studio realms, just as much as he digs for new music, rare mixes, obscure vinyl records and secret cd-r versions crafted by like minded djs / producers from around the globe on a daily basis. That way, Bigga Bush manages to turn his numerous world wide dj sets into something very special even more easily. "Bigga on the decks" means great music, happy faces, dancing folks and lots of positive party vibes...

Glyn's ever growing fascination for and deep knowledge of the irresistible grooves & patterns hailing from South America and Africa add that certain extra feel and surplus kick to both his original music and his dj performances. A very organic musical fusion of vintage & new, north & south, slow & fast, east & west as well as analogue and digital: Bigga Bush has a lot to say in every way (see also his personal comments on the individual tracks of this selection at the bottom of this info).

With this crisp and unique selection now, Bigga once again showcases his rare gift and special ability to stay ahead of time both musically and spiritually. No big names or the usual compilation suspects found here – prepare yourself for a big bunch of hand picked, potential past & future classics from around the world in the mix instead! Almost two decades of dj skills as well as a brilliant taste and feel for musical moods definitely qualify the man to provide this ultimately soulful compilation, sure to be among the best and most interesting of not only this year. By including a string of exclusive mixes and reworks as well as incorporating various personal edits and special treatments, Bigga Bush easily manages to transform his vision of adult dancefloor and eclectic home listening into a highly inspirational, classy and very personal mixtape that others would definitely kill for... out now on Stereo Deluxe!

"This mix reflects my wide taste in music and my ever-expanding (free)style of DJing. You will hear the sort of tunes that make me want to make music and the type of tunes that make me want to dance. For me DJing is the meeting point of these two desires."
(Bigga Bush, Dorset/UK, Sept. 2005)

Tracklisting "Sound Sensation" :
1. Kode 9 & The Space Ape - Sign Of The Dub
2. Bigga Bush - Dub an FX
3. Lightning Head - Popcorn
4. The Ogyatanaa Show Band - Ageisheka
5. Zafari - Addis Ababa
6. Pablo - Roll Call
7. In Flagranti - Hairy Fruit
8. DJ /rupture - Little More Oil
9. Pressure Drop - Knok Knok (Soundsystem Version)
10. Carlos Malta e Pife Muderno - O Canto Da Ema
11. Peak - Get Carter
12. Coati Mundi - Que Pasa / Me No Pop I (BiggaBush Re-edit)
13. Up, Bustle & Out - Zuzuku's People (Lightning Head Version)
14. Junkyard Productions - Sister Let Him Go (Los Chicharrons Mix)
15. Overtone (2) - Give It Again (Inverse Cinematics Remix)
16. Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie - Midnight Marauders (Lightning Head Version)
17. Robert Wyatt - Caimanera (BiggaBush Re-edit)
18. Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui (Dubben Mix)