Press Release :
Fresh for 2006, Tres Records proudly introduces hip-hop children across the globe to their new Stepfather; another musical journey produced, arranged, written, and scratched by People Under The Stairs. This 5th CD/2xLP release from legendary Los Angeles duo Thes One and Double K is yet another step up for the two-man crew that stormed the global hip-hop scene almost a decade ago in 1998. Respected worldwide by everyone from the local DJ to icons like Biz Markie and Jazzy Jeff, Stepfather is another reminder of why Thes and Double are the most diligent students and teachers hip-hop has to offer.

There are certain things that you come to expect from P.U.T.S.: left-field samples, hard drums, brilliant scratches, clever rhymes, and endless inside jokes, and in that, Stepfather delivers on all accounts. But those who have followed P.U.T.S. over the course of their career know that there are always surprises and innovations, and Stepfather exceeds all expectations. From the grand, sweeping transition of the "Intro" into "Step In", to the P-Funk inspired outro of "Flex Off", Thes and K show an incredible musical range. The psyched-out, semi-Dixieland funk of "Pumpin" and the minimal use of a snare on "The Brownout" also display how P.U.T.S. are leaps ahead of the curve when it comes to crafting left field, funk driven tracks. Though the experimentation reaches far into the unknown, it is never too far from the familiar, nor is it ever contrived or done for its own sake. Regardless, it somehow manages to remain within the realm of classic hip-hop.

Of course the lead 12 inch "Tuxedo Rap" will fill dance floors across the world, but the most inspired tracks come in the form of introspective outings such as "Days Like This", "More Than You Know", "You", and the reggae influenced "Reflections" (featuring "O.S.T." collaborator, Odell). With over 70 minutes of music, Stepfather also includes boisterous jams ("Pass The 40", "Crown Ones"), the P.U.T.S. guide to L.A. restaurants ("Eat Street") and L.A. Hip-Hop ("LA9X"), and the George Clinton meets Double K freak out ("The Doctor and the Kidd").

Though a lot has changed for Thes One and Double K since the last time People Under The Stairs released an album, it appears that the most important things have stayed the same. Stepfather is a testament to P.U.T.S. and their commitment to honoring and protecting the roots of Hip-Hop music while pushing its limits.