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Originally penned by DANDY LIVINGSTON in Jamaica, "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" became the international hit single everybody knows when THE SPECIALS covered it in 1979 (with ELVIS COSTELLO producing).

Now the track gets back to Jamaica with legendary Studio One deejay LONE RANGER (without whom there wouldn't be any YELLOWMAN, SHABBA RANKS or SEAN PAUL today), and his rub-a-dub partner CARLTON LIVINGSTON, who spill some hearty vocals with the usual signature gimmicks from THE LONE RANGER, the original "oink", "ribbit" and other "Tell You 'Bout It" master.

Their version of "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" is an instant classic, a smash in-your-face hit single that you can recognize as such in a few seconds. They're keeping the flavour original, on a Jamaican tempo... roots style! Just check back the SOUL JAZZ compilations "STUDIO ONE DJS" or "STUDIO ONE CLASSICS" for a taste of LONE RANGER classics.

The riddim is produced by french dubmeister GRANT PHABAO, former PRO-ZAK TRAX hitmaker and sound engineer. A lot of people remember his pumpin' house n°1 in clubs hit single "Tub", which was played in all the clubs of the planet by the biggest Djs in the world (ERIK MORILLO played it for more than one year!), but also its rootsy dub B-Side "Andub Head Yudu", which was compiled on GUIDANCE's "Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions VOl.1" compilation, among others.

A few classy singles followed, in a dubby-blaxploitation vibe, and in 2005 he issued on his own label T.I.M.E.C. his first album, "KULCHAKLASH", a reggae roots gem with a few chunks of electronic production skills and a marked taste for the 70's sound of KING TUBBY, LEE PERRY or HERBIE HANCOCK.

The album already featured THE LONE RANGER on 6 tracks, including a marvellous cover of "FEVER", and made big waves in Jamaica, with veterans claiming that GRANT PHABAO had brought back "The Original KING TUBBY Sound"!

The new single "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE)" is the first official vinyl release of the parisian international music web agency T.I.M.E.C., and will be followed by a series of original reggae 12"s with HORACE ANDY, LONE RANGER, ECHO MINOTT, THE JAYS and many more. Some Remixes are also planned for release on vinyl with JON KENNEDY (GRAND CENTRAL), MAWGLEE (BASTARD JAZZ), FLEVANS (TRU THOUGHTS), DOCTOR L (MIND), DRUGS (KRAKED), CHRONIC SONATA (BASTARD JAZZ), ARK (PERLON), THE MACKROSOFT (DUSTY GROOVE/TIMEC), EUMIR DEODATO (!!)...

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