Pivot Make Me Love You
best of 2005Pivot - Make Me Love You
(CD) Sensory Projects / Inertia Distribution, 2005-08-11

Links :
MP3 Download : Pivot - Ah_mx6tk1 6.18 MB - produced by Pivot, 2002. Recorded at UTS Sound Studios by James Fletcher Mix by Richard Pike & James Fletcher.
Official Website : www.pivotisagoodboy.com

Tracklisting :
01. Pivot - Make Me Love You
02. Pivot - Artificial Horizon
03. Pivot - Incidental Backcloth
04. Pivot - Montecore
05. Pivot - La Mer
06. Pivot - Pivot Voltron
07. Pivot - I May Be Gone For Some Time
08. Pivot - Kirsten Dunst
09. Pivot - Helps None But Hurts None

Biography :
Pivot formed in Sydney in 1999, crafting and refining their sound over two years of regular fortnightly three hour improvised sessions. Featuring members of Leaf and ~scape label artists Triosk, Pivot is spearheaded by the prolific Pike brothers, drummer Laurence and guitarist/producer Richard (who recently toured backing FLANGER), along with keyboardist Adrian Klumpes, turntablist Dave Bowman, and Neal Sutherland on bass. Pivot's sound combines the instrumental jazz-rock sounds of Chicago (Tortoise), subtle European electronics (Lali Puna), Sydney's eclectic Inner West, and Melbourne's rock-infused landscape (High Pass Filter) to create unforeseen soundtracks and
infectious instrumental melodies. The result of their work is their debut album, 'Make Me Love You'.

With their earliest demos distributed at a handful of gigs as homemade EP's, Pivot attracted the attention of community radio in Sydney and Melbourne early on, and also found their way onto the national airwaves of Triple J. The band have consistently gigged around their hometown of Sydney, developing a strong live reputation through performances at Freaky Loops, the Cockatoo Island Festival, and also through frequent appearances at long standing electronic music night Frigid. They have also remixed tracks for Prop, and Inga Liljestrom, and performed alongside international electronic luminaries such as Squarepusher and Burnt Friedman, the latter recently handpicking the Pike brothers to record and tour Europe in September 2005 as part of his influential group Flanger.

Four years in the making, Pivot's debut album 'Make Me Love You' is an ecstatic combination of electronics, rock, and nuance, which makes for an invigorating soundtrack for each new day.