soulwax 2 many djs
"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.1" tracklist:
01 Salt n' pepa vs. The Stooges "Push it like a dog" (Soulwax remix)
02 Felix da Housecat "Silver Screen Shower Scene"
03 Bobby O "She has A Way"
04 Bobby O "Im so hot for you"
05 Madonna "Vogue"
06 Daft Punk "Aerodynamic"
07 The Beatles "Sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band"
08 808 state "Flow Coma" (AFX remix)
09 Lio "Anour Solitaire"
10 Missy Elliott "Lick Shots"
11 Elastica "Connection"
12 Basement Jaxx vs. The Clash "Maginificent Romeo" (Soulwax remix)
13 The Jamie Starr Scenario "Welcome To The Light"
14 The Jacksons "State of Shock"
15 World's Famous Dj Team "Radio Promo"
16 The Beach boys "God Only Knows" (a capella)
17 Michael Jackson "Billie Jean"
18 Carlos Morgan "Shake Your Body Down"
19 Nasty Habits "Shadow Boxing"
20 B52's vs. Natural Born Chillers "Rock The Funky Beat"
21 Alpha Wezen "Into the Stars" (Firebirds remix)
22 David Bowie "Modern Love"
23 Kenny Loggins "Footloose"
24 Hairy Diamond "Givin' Up"
25 Freelance Hellraiser "Stroke of genius"
26 Kosheen "Hide U"
27 Nas "Hate me now"
28 T99 "Anasthasia"
29 Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People"
30 Janis Jay "Fly Too High"
31 The Spice Girls "Wannabee"
32 Girls On Top "We don't give a damn about our friends"
33 Notorious b.i.g. "Hypnotized"
34 Dj Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" (Dj Lbr remix)
35 Breakestra "Cramp Your Style"
36 Hanayo "Joe le Taxi"
37 Klien & Mbo "Dirty Talk"
38 New Order "Blue Monday"/"The Beach"
39 Basement Jaxx "Jus 1 kiss"
40 Chemical Brothers "It Began in Afrika"
41 The Disco Boys feat. Rb "Born To Be Alive" (Felix da Housecat remix)
42 Bentley Rhythm Ace "How'd i Do Dat" (Chicken lips remix)
43 The Microbop Ensemble "Groove Baby"
44 Domino "Up the par"
45 Destiny's Child vs. Nirvana "Smells like booty" (Soulwax remix)
46 Dukbreakz "Dubbreaks"
47 Darkus "The Wisemen Speech"
48 Lazy Dogz "I Don't Care"
49 Ladytron "Playgirl" (soulwax remix)
50 Paul Simon "Late in the Evening"

soulwax 2 many djs
"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.3" tracklist:
01 Protest Speech
02 Van Halen "Eruption"
03 Daft Punk "Superheroes"
04 Queen Of Japan "I Was Made For Loving You"
05 New Order "Crystal" (Lee Coombes Mix)
06 Vicious Pink "8.15 To Nowhere"
07 Vicious Pink "Great Balls Of Fire"
08 Led Zeppelin "Misty Mountain Hop"
09 Vitalic "La Rock"
10 Prince "Lets Go Crazy"
11 Inner City "Big Fun" (Soulwax Re-Edit)
12 Louis Ausin Feat Peaches "Grab My Shaft" 13 The Clash "Rock The Casbah" (Mustapha Dance)
14 Radio Queens Speech
15 Jeans Team "Klein Melodien"
16 Liaisons Dangereuses "Los Ninos Del Parque"
17 The Beatles "Strawberries Fields" (Demo Take 7 Edit)
18 Corporation Of One "The Real Life" vs. Simple Minds "Theme From Great Cities"
19 Kagami "Tokyo Disco Music"
20 Midfield General "Coat Noize"
21 2 Live Crew "Live!"
22 The Chemical Brothers "Come With Us"
23 Garbage "Androgeny" (Felix da Housecat Remix)
24 Blur "Girls & Boys"
25 Prince "Girls & Boys"
26 The Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
27 Sabrina "Boys Boys Boys"
28 Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls"
29 The Waitresses "I Know What Guys Like"
30 The Moments "Girls"
31 Modjo "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)"
32 Evolution Control Committee "Rebel Without A Pause" (Herb Albert vs. Public Enemy)
33 Tito Puente "Its Not Unusual"
34 Naughty By Nature "O.P.P"
35 Full Force "Alice I Want You Just For Me"
36 Missy Elliot "One Minute Man"
37 New Edition "Candy Girl" (Instrumental)
38 Le Club "Un Fait Divers Et Rien De Plus"
39 Dr. John "Right Place Wrong Time"
40 Lazy Tr 707S "Groove Time" (Instrumental)
41 The Croisants "Andy Warhol"
42 Warhols "Sun Comes Up"
43 Lemon Jelly "Mamma Im Sure.."
44 Sticks In The Hood "Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya"
45 Mantronix "King Of The Beats" vs. House Of Pain "Jump Around"
46 Steinski & The Mass Media "Well Its Still All Good YAll"

soulwax 2 many djs
"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.4" tracklist:
01 Intro
02 Deus - everybody's weird (soulwax remix)
03 Beastie boys- intergalactic (Soulwax remix)
04 Inxs- mediate
05 Run dmc- peter piper
06 Arbeid adelt- death disco
07 Soulwax- Saturday (rojer manning jr. remix)
08 E.L.O- don't bring me down
09 Steve miller band- serenade from the stars
10 Rod stewert- hot legs
11 Flying lizards- purple haze
12 Kolk- uma (Soulwax remix)
13 Stereo total - joe le taxi
14 Deejay punk rock - my beatbox (LRD remix)
15 Basement jaxx- same old show (moroder mix)
16 Donna summer - I feel love
17 Moloko - bring it back
18 Jamiroqui - supersonic
19 Chemical brothers - out of control
20 Pharaoh monch - simon says
21 Jerky boys- my name is
22 Moby- bodyrock
23 Simon harris- bass (how low can you go)
24 Marrs - pump up the volume
25 Bomb the bass- beat dis
26 Paul hardcastle- 19
27 Public enemy - (turn it up) bring the noise
28 Weatherman - poison
29 Dj spinna - rock
30 Dj hell - suicide machine
31 LRD- jaques your body
32 Freq nasty - boominbackatcha
33 Dust brothers - shake your rump rmx
34 Alex gopher- party people (Soulwax remix)
35 Beck - sexxlaws
36 Them - I can only give you everything
37 Blackstreet- no diggity (Soulwax remix)
38 Brad - 20th century
39 Digital underground - the humpty dance
40 Roy keating - Jesus Christ Superstar
41 Cassius - la mouche
42 Jackmaster farley - love can't turn around
43 Zita swoon- disco (Soulwax remix)
44 Brian auger & Julie driscoll - indian ropeman
45 Das pop- electronica for lovers
46 Outro

soulwax 2 many djs
"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.5" tracklist:
01 Intro
02 eric b. & rakim- paid in full (coldcut remix)
03 original concept- pump that bass
04 the beastie boys- turn up the bass
05 max berlin- elle et moi
06 mc solaar- le nouveau western
07 air- kelly watch the stars (moog cookbook remix)
08 roy keating- proud mary
09 kinks - you really got me
10 stones- satisfaction
11 fatboy slim- satisfaction skank
12 blur- bugman remix -girls & boys
13 jaydee- plastic dreams
14 NIN- closer
15 beck- get real paid
16 kraftwerk- numbers -tour de france
17 adamski- killer
18 basement jaxx- fly life
19 super discount- prix choc
20 q-tip- vivrant thing
21 dennis edwards- don't look any further
22 tlc- unpretty (rmx)
23 Junkie XL- Check your basic groove
24 New Order - Confusion
25 Super 2000 vs. Around the World- Daft Punk
26 Old Skool Flava - Refried Salsa
27 Beck - Salt in the wound
28 The Beatles - Taxman
29 Lenny Kravitz - Light skin girl from London
30 Foremost poets - moonraker
31 Dj weight problem - Disco horse
32 Young mc - Bust a move
33 Groove Armada - I see you baby
34 Dirty Funker - Future
35 dakar &grinser- i wanna be your dog
36 nik kershaw- dancing girls
37 michael moog- that sound
38 art of noise- close up & close to the edge
39 sensimilia street

"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.6" tracklist:
theme from knight rider
chamber bros- sliced tomatoes
fatboy vs. eminem - rockafeller shady
beck- get real paid
kraftwerk- numbers tour de france
adamski- killer
basement jaxx- fly life sensimilia street
super discount- prix choc
soulwax- saturday (frank de wulf remix)
beck- sexxlaws (wiseguys remix)
q-tip- vivrant thing
dennis edwards- don't look any further
tlc- unpretty (rmx)

"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.7" tracklist:
Beck Sexxlaws remix vs. Prodigy Smack my bitch up
Junkie XL- Check your basic groove
LRD- Jacques your body
Orbital- Nothing Left ( LRD remix)
New Order - Confusion
Super 2000 vs. Around the World- Daft Punk
Old Skool Flava - Refried Salsa
Beck - Salt in the wound
The Beatles - Taxman
Lenny Kravitz- Light skin girl from London
The waitresses - I know what boys like
Dj weight problem - Disco horse
Young mc - Bust a move
Groove Armada - I see you baby

"As heard on Radio Soulwax pt.8" tracklist:
beastie boys- so watcha want vs ODB (SOULWAX remix)
beastie boys- alive (BRA rmx)
ll cool j- i'm bad
jackson 5- medley (abc, i want you back)
placebo- pure morning (lrd remix)
talk talk - life is what you make it
sly fox- let's go all the way
malcolm mc laren- buffalo gals
natural born chillers- rock the funky beats
kolk- uma (SOULWAX remix)
les poppys - non, non rien a changé
dakar &grinser- i wanna be your dog
nik kershaw- dancing girls
michael moog- that sound
art of noise- close up & close to the edge