Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Reissues

The reissue market has become really big and labels such as Analog Africa, Luv'N'Haight, Now-Again, Numero Group, Soundway, Tramp or Vampisoul have been reigning supreme in 2012. Discover Paris DJs' selection of 10 gems from the past in Afro, Funk, Jazz and Latin...

Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Reissues
Paris DJs - Best Of 2012 - The Reissues

01. ¡Saoco! The Bomba & Plena Explosion in Puerto Rico 1954-66 (Vampisoul) info/buy
Killer 50s and 60s Puerto Rico music with extensive liner notes by compiler Yannis Ruel unearthing explosive vintage grooves from before the salsa movement.

02. Le Super Borgou de Parakou - The Bariba Sound (Analog Africa) info | buy
Some tropical-but-different kind of sounds from Dahomey, a blend of influences from imported psychedelic soul, funk & R&B, with traditional Bariba and Dendi music, orientalese melodies, afrobeat, highlife, rumba and pachanga.

03. The Funkees - Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria's Afro Rock Exponents (Soundway) info | buy
An absolute must-have of Nigerian Afro-Funk & Afro-Rock, a gem of a compilation!

04. Tunji Oyelana - A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79 (Soundway) info | buy
Outstanding anthology of Tunji Oyelana & The Benders covering a wide range of' Nigerian pop, from highlife toafrobeat, afrorock, funk, calypso, juju and reggae.

05. Roy Porter Sound Machine - The Story of 1971-1975 (Tramp) info | buy
This anthology of the American jazz drummer covers his 1970s recordings, with all the tracks from his 1971 album Jessica and also from his 1975 one, Inner Feelings, both sought-after essential rare groove vinyl rarities that would cost a few hundreds to grab, properly mastered.

06. Rob - Make It Fast, Make It Slow (Soundway) info | buy
All the deep afrofunk lovers out there are shouting of joy, throwing their hats in the air! A must have vinyl reissue, definitively.

07. Tom Janusz - Ronn Forella …Moves! (Luv'N'Haight) info | buy
Samplers and breaks connoisseurs will rejoice, for this record is one of the holy grails of jazz funk breaks, all about the amazing drums and drum breaks - now available for a few bucks thanks to Luv'N'Haight!!

08. Various - The Nickel & Penny Labels (Numero Group) info | buy
A new fabulous compilation of rare American funk & soul, with most of its best tracks to be found in the second half of the CD!

09. Various - Original Raw Soul III (Now-Again) info | buy
For the Poets of Rhythm fans, of course this is a must-have of really raw funk, afrofunk and jazz. About the record as a whole? Original songs. Raw funk. Soulful vibes. It's all in the title already.

10. Various - Ancestors of Rap (Tramp Records) info | buy
Rare funk/jazz vinyl digger Tobias Kirmayer goes even further in the search for the origins of rap with this compilation, collecting some highly underrated prototype rap songs from the late 60s and early 70s - the record sounds like a perfect Paris DJs selection!

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