The Lone Ranger [ Working hard to bring back the golden years of rub-a-dub ]

Studio One Soul 2

Lone Ranger on the cover of "Studio One Soul 2"

Various - Studio One Soul 2
(CD/2xLP) Soul Jazz Records SJR128, 2006-01-30


"Studio One Soul 2" is the long awaited second volume of one of the largest selling Soul Jazz/Studio One titles, "Studio One Soul". "Studio One Soul 2" takes us further into Jamaican music's fascination with American Soul and Funk music. Featuring a host of classic Reggae artists – Horace Andy, The Heptones, Ken Boothe, Jackie Mittoo, Jacob Miller and many more covering equally classic American Soul and Funk tunes by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, The Five Stairsteps, Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, Lee Dorsey, Al Green and Syl Johnson. "Studio One Soul 2" will appeal as much as an introduction to classic reggae as to connoisseurs and is another essential Studio One release. This selection features a mixture of classics, super-rare and unreleased tracks from Studio One –few of which have ever been on CD- all lovingly digitally re-mastered for this release. The vinyl edition also comes on super-loud double vinyl.
Lone Ranger Original Style

The Lone Ranger - Discography Singles - 2005

Lone Ranger Original StyleLone Ranger Carlton Livingston RudieLone Ranger Carlton Livingston Rudie Style and FashionEcho Minott Cant Stay AwaySmoker Rudie No MoreSilvertones Only MeGrant Phabao Rudie Version
The Lone Ranger - Discography Singles - 2005

2005 The Lone Ranger / Basque Dub Fondation - Original Style / Melodica (7") Heartical HS021) Riddim: Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon / AKA Slaving
2005-08-22 Carlton Livingston & Lone Ranger - Rudie / Rudie Style & Fashion (7", Silver Bullet)
2005-08-22 Echo Minott / Smoker - Can't Stay Away / Rudie No More (7", Silver Bullet)
2005-08-22 Silvertones / Grant Phabao - Only Me / Rudie Version (7", Silver Bullet)
grant phabao and djouls 21st century roots

Lone Ranger - Fever / on "Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Roots"

grant phabao and djouls 21st century roots
Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Roots
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC087, 2005-10-31
lone ranger rosemarie meet dj daddy

The Lone Ranger - Rosemarie Meet D.J. Daddy

The Lone Ranger - Rosemarie Meet D.J. Daddy
(CD) Techniques WR0042, 2005-10-18

Produced by Winston Riley
15 Tracks.
Tracks 01 to 05 & 16 to 20 are the complete "Rosemarie" album from 1981.
Tracks 06 to 15 are the complete "D.J. Daddy" album from 1984.
Properly Chilled Downtempo Music & Culture

Kulchaklash on

Properly Chilled Downtempo Music & Culture
Kulchaklash on

This is the debut full-length from Grant Phabao (aka Fabien Preaux) whose aptly hyped 1999 release, the "Tub EP", a mix of funk-house, dub, downtempo, smooth bass and throbbing beats, is credited as a pioneering force in the evolution of funk-house. If you're looking for more of the same you'll have to look elsewhere. But, if you're seeking laid-back, full-style reggae with strong dub influences, listen up!

Kulchaklash opens with Lone Ranger doing some "Sweet Talking" for his daughter in a bouncy, rub-a-dub style. Ray I follows and does the talking on "Braeton Killings", a deep, dubby, bass heavy rocker with some funky organ work done up in a European crossover flavor that works itself into your head and echoes around for days.

Oh no! What is that synth line that keeps popping up in this one? It's from a TV show or something...

The best thing I can do to describe "Aye So We Deh" is quote the artist himself, who calls it "A chanting thing. An old Studio One roots tune I wanted to do for years. In this one we kinda have a singjay style...". Lone Ranger does the lyrical honors.

Okay, "High Grade" is dubbed a "goog meditation tune", delivering a subliminal message for you to smoke a spliff and meditate on the tunes. If you set a blaze right now, I guess it worked. Even sober this one is gonna mellow out your mind. And by the way, no pun was intended in the first sentence above. ...okay, maybe a little.

"Music Weh Dem Wan" is Grant Phabao laying down a little hip-hop/reggae style, and although some sterile commercial music director might want to call it something like Raggaeton, it really isn't recommended. The vocal delivery is more stoccato, but still a far cry from hip-hop. This track is all island style.

Oh no! What is that synth line that keeps popping up in this one too? It's from a TV show or something... and it's driving me crazy because I can't name that tune.

Although "Rasta Roll Call" is a nice track, it's not too memorable and besides, I just can't keep my finger off the 'next' button because the next track is "Fever" done up a in a reggae style... can you beat this concept? Complete with female backup singers they do the original justice. Definitely a recommended listen!

"Ehiopia" is a nice chanting track done up in a late-ska/rocksteady style, while "A Who" is a solid, headnodding, dubby piece.

Through and through these are dubbed out, reggae tunes in true form.

>> Read the complete article about the TIMEC label on
>> GRANT PHABAO / LONE RANGER - Kulchaklash (review)
Grant Phabao and The Lone Ranger Sweet Talking

The Lone Ranger - Albums Discography

The Lone Ranger - Albums discography

1979 On The Other Side Of Dub
1980 Barnabas In Collins Wood
1980 M-16
1981 Rosemarie
1981 Hi-Yo Silver, Away!
1982 Badda Dan Dem
1984 D.J. Daddy
1985 Learn To Drive (compilation)
1994 Collections (compilation)
2002 Top Of The Class
2004 Dub Salvador Vol.1&2 (compilation, mixed)
2005 Kulchaklash w/Grant Phabao
2006 Dub Salvador - A Grant Phabao Mix (compilation, mixed)
2010 Sweet Talking w/Grant Phabao
grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash

Grant Phabao - Kulchaklash (starring Lone Ranger)

grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash
Grant Phabao Presents Kulchaklash
Starring Lone Ranger, Ray I, Danny Dread, Simon Diamond
(CD 500 ex. limited edition, hand-numbered) TIMEC068, 2005-07

GRANT PHABAO has travelled from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York, USA, and Paris, France, to unleash this marvelous reggae album featuring the raw talents of LONE RANGER, RAY I, DANNY DREAD & SIMON DIAMOND. Featuring Funky Frenchman, Gregsky, Myster K, Magali Neslot, Felix Niel
grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash

Track-by-track commentary of the Kulchaklash album

01. Sweet Talking
This is Ranger doing some Sweet Talking for his daughter. Bouncy riddim.
02. Braeton Killings
This one has a more european crossover flavourish. Ray I is doing the original element.
03. Aya So We Deh
A chanting thing. An old Studio One roots tune I wanted to do for years. In this one we kinda have a singjay style...
04. High Grade
Wicked! Baad. A reasoning track. If you listen to it, smoke a spliff and go into meditation, you will go deep, very deep. It's a subliminal message for you to roll a big joint while listening to the album and relaxing. A goog meditation tune, this can soothe the mind.
05. Music Weh Dem Wan
Wicked. Wicked! Big tune! I'm trying to define a hip hop/reggae crossover there. Plenty style.
06. Rasta Roll Call
This one's alright. It has it's own flavour.
07. Fever
My favorite song on the whole album! For all these years I wanted to do "Fever" and I had to wait until I met Phabao and TIMEC to get it right. It's a combination style of Ranger, singer and deejay. Counteracting styles. Gliding in deejay style. Original 70 deejay style of Lone Ranger, you know.
08. Ethiopia
Chanting style. Inspiration style. Dedicated to my friends. With a wicked sax part. Late-ska/rocksteady flavour.
09. A Who
There's a lot of wool in a sheep's clothing. Rastaman, who are you?

It's a wicked album.
This a first one.
Many more coming, original Phabao style, but better!

[Kulchaklash track-by-track commentary by The Lone Ranger himself]
Seven Dub Rock With Me

Seven Dub - It Doesn't Matter (African Daughter mix) feat. Lone Ranger & Angelique / on Rock With Me

Seven Dub - Rock With Me
(CD) Play Label PLAY010CD, 2005-05-22

Tracklisting :
01. Running Away (Leave The World Behind mix) feat. Angelique
02. U And Dem (Bredren United mix) feat. Paul St Hilaire
03. Rock With Me (rocker's Delight mix) feat. Angelique & Zakeya
04. Ashes (exclusive for japan)
05. It Doesn't Matter (African Daughter mix) feat. Lone Ranger & Angelique
06. Untitled Tribute (Your Own Way mix) feat. Angelique
07. Stranger (Magic Maker mix) feat. Paul St Hilaire
08. Wake Up (Beware mix) feat. Angelique
09. Eden/War (Original Drummer mix) feat. zakeya & Angelique
10. Yokozuna Dub (exclusive for japan) feat. Angelique
11. My Only Lover (Lover's Rock mix) feat. Angelique
12. Rockers Revenge (exclusive for japan) feat. Angelique
13. Yvo Riddim feat. Angelique
Bonus Tracks :
14. Running Away (Dub mix)
15. U And Dem (Little Tempo exclusive mix for japan)
16. Untitled Tribute (Quante Jubila exclusive mix for japan)
grant phabao and djouls are molesting laura vol 1

Lone Ranger - Fever / on "Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.1"

Tracklisting :
01. Intro : Toto - Dune Prologue vs Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse Bonus Beats [RCA/Universal]
02. Daft Punk - Robot Rock [EMI]
03. Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse [Universal]
04. Butch Cassidy Sound System - Butches Brew [Fenetik]
05. Belgradeyard Sound System - Munchies (I-Wolf remix feat. Dj Collage) [Cosmic Sounds]
06. Dubben - Funky Duck pt 1 [G.A.M.M.]
07. Grant Phabao feat. Lone Ranger - Fever [T.I.M.E.C.]
08. Breakestra - You Don't Need A Dance (funkstrumental) [Ubiquity]
09. Belgradeyard Sound System - Munchies (radio edit) [Cosmic Sounds]
10. Richard Dorfmeister & Madrid De Los Austrias - Valldemossa [Sunshine Enterprises]
11. The Chemical Brothers - Shake Break Bounce [EMI]
12. Daft Punk - Technologic [EMI]
13. Jackie Mittoo - Give Sound A Chance [Heartbeat]
14. Seven Dub feat. Lone Ranger - It Doesn't Matter (remix) [Rock It Tonight Productions]
15. Red Astaire - Rollin Stone [G.A.M.M.]
16. 7 Samurai - Bluesanova [G.A.M.M.]
17. Roots Manuva vs Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem For A Witness (ML Mix) [Universal/Big Dada]
18. Butch Cassidy Sound System - Hear What I Say [Fenetik]
Total time : 40 mn

Selected by Djouls - Mixed by Grant Phabao
The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger interview (conducted by Djouls)

The Lone Ranger - Interview - Dec. 2004

(the interview takes place in Grant Phabao's appartment in Paris)

Any historical biography details to mention?
Chester (Synmoie, Ranger's friend and manager) should be the one with the details, the likkle parts that I might have missed out... :-)

How did you meet (with Phabao)?
Through Fata (from the Soul Stereo Sound System, with whom Lone Ranger has been touring in Europe these recent years), who said "my friend is coming to Jamaica, you two should meet". So Phabao went to Jamaica, and that's where we met up. He wanted to do some recording with me and the crew.
Lone Ranger Interview in Ragga Magazine

The Lone Ranger in Ragga Magazine

Ragga 58 - Dec. 2004

Dancehall Legend
text & photos by David Commeillas
The lone ranger dub salvador

The Lone Ranger - Dub Salvador Vol.1&2

Tracklisting :
01. Badda Dan dem
02. Jamaican Weed
03. Can't Stand It
04. The Answer
05. Every Likkle Ting
06. Barnabas Collins
07. Fish Tea
08. Plant Up A Vineyard
09. World War I
10. My Number
11. Natty Dread On The Go
12. Love Bump
13. Johnny Bad So
14. Don't Mess With Natty Dread

Note : full mix available as separate tracks on all cool p2p networks like Soulseek - look for 'lone ranger', 'grant phabao' or 'dub salvador'...
studio one classics

Lone Ranger - Automatic / on "Studio One Classics"

Soul Jazz Records are releasing this latest Studio One compilation which features non-step 100% stone-cold classic Studio One killers! Spanning 40 years of the legendary label, this album is a fitting tribute to Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd and is a who's who of Jamaican Reggae.

Tracklisting :
01. The Skatalites - El Pussy Ska
02. Carlton And The Shoes - Love Me Forever
03. Sound Dimension - Rockfort Rock
04. Johnny Osbourne - Sing Jah Stylee
05. The Heptones - Pretty Looks Isn't All
06. Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
07. Lone Ranger - Automatic
08. Horace Andy - Fever
09. Prince Jazzbo - School
10. The Wailers - Simmer Down
11. Burning Spear - Rocking Time
12. Alton Ellis - I'm Just A Guy
13. Sugar Minott - Oh Mr DC
14. Jennifer Lara - Consider Me
15. Don Drummond - Confucious
16. Michigan & Smiley - Rub A Dub Style
17. Sound Dimension - Full Up
18. Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island
Cheesenans astral dancing

The Cheesenans - Astral Dancing (Move Your Boddhi)

The Cheesenans featuring Captain Détendu, David°F, Lone Ranger & Meeta Pandit - Astral Dancing (Move Your Boddhi) !!

Tracklisting :
01 Astral Dancing (Move your Boddhi) (radio edit)
02 Astral Dancing (Move Your Boddhi) (extended club mix)
the lone ranger

Biography Lone Ranger

the lone ranger
The Lone Ranger - Biography
From "Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga" (Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

"Before Yellowman rose to dominate the early 1980s, the way was paved by the arguably more talented Lone Ranger (b. Anthony Waldron), who - along with Welton Irie, Ranking Joe, Nigger Kojak, Mikey Dread, Clint Eastwood and Ranking Toyan - negotiated the shift from the 'cultural' chants of the mid-1970s, as exemplified by Big Youth, to pure 1980s dancehall chat.

There were lines of continuity linking the new breed of deejays with the music's immediate past. Lone Ranger's first records, for instance, appeared on historically the most important of all jamaican labels, Studio One. His version of Slim Smith's rocksteady classic "Never Let Go" was "The Answer", which subsequently became the much-recorded rhythm's favoured title (as confirmed by a popular Channel One cut from U-Roy apostle, Ranking Trevor, called "Answer Me Question"). Other moderate successes came in the form of "Screw Gone A North Coast" (over Horace Andy's "Skylarking"), "Three Mile Skank" (the Sound Dimension's "Full Up") and, in the company of Welton Irie, "Chase Them Crazy" (Horace Andy's "Mr Bassie"). These Studio One 45s established him as a deejay of interest, but the real breaktrough came in 1980. Not only did Virgo Hi Fi, with which he was associated, win an award as the best sound system of the year in Jamaica, but he moved on to another producer, Alvin Ranglin, who gave the masked stranger his biggest hit to date, "Barnabas Collins" (GG). The lyrics were inspired by a vampire character from an american TV series called The Dark Shadows, but no character in the show ever had lines like:

Gal, out the candle, lock your door tight
Turn ya neck pon your right angle
Hedem the best in the business
Chew ya neck like a Wrigley's.

The disc reached #1 in both the Jamaican chart and the UK reggae one. This was soon followed by a return to Studio One, and hits which involved more humour, and were built around the various abstract "oinks", "bims" and "ribbits" that were to be associated with the men - and women - at the mike for the next couple of years.
The success of the new hits from Brentford Road - "Love Bump" (over Slim Smith's "Tougher Yet"), "Natty Chalwa" (the Gladiators' "Roots Natty Roots"), and "Tribute To Marley" (the Studio One cut of Derrick Harriott's "Solomon") - owed something to the new style of mixing that gave a brighter feel to the studio's seminal music, whether in the form of new 'versions' or re-releases of the originals that practically every other label was 'doing-over'. The Lone Ranger's other important hits included "Fort X" (also for Ranglin), with its approriate Western theme, and "Rose Marie" (for Winston Riley's Techniques label), "M16" and "Fist To Fist Days Done" (for Channel One), "Trod On" (for Ossie Thomas's Black Solidarity), and "Tribute To All Mothers" (for the US Absissa label, though over the Sly & Robbie rhythm used on Dennis Brown's "Hold On To What You've Got" hit). No performer was more responsible for ushering in the new era than the Lone Ranger, and his influence on a whole generation of deejays (particularly in the UK) was incalculable."

Lone Ranger would especially like to thanks the T.I.M.E.C. crew for their innovative work in spreading his music and tunes
Lone Ranger Serge Gainsbourg

The Lone Ranger - Discography Compilations - 2003

Lone Ranger Serge Gainsbourg
The Lone Ranger - Discography - Compilations - 2003

2003 Lone Ranger - Settle The Vibes (Eau Et Gaz À Tous Les Étages) - on Serge Gainsbourg - Aux Armes Et Caetera (Versions Dj LP)
2003 Lone Ranger - Rub A Dub International (Toi Mourir) - on Serge Gainsbourg - Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Étoiles (Versions Dj LP)
Studio One Story

Lone Ranger - Love Bump / on "Studio One Story"

One and a half years in the making! "Studio One Story" is a definitive guide to Jamaica's greatest ever record label and its founder Clement Dodd. The package includes 16 track CD or Double LP featuring Studio One's greatest releases. From Theo Beckford's groundbreaking "Easysnappin" to The Abyssinians "Declaration of Rights" this CD and limited edition double vinyl is back-to-back classics.

The DVD is a 3hr film that tells the full story of Studio One and Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd. Filmed in Kingston, the documentary has interviews with many of the artists who Studio One made famous: Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Sugar Minott, Dennis Alcapone, Lone Ranger, King Stitt and more.
lone ranger Top Of The Class

The Lone Ranger - Top Of The Class

The Lone Ranger - Top Of The Class

Label : Studio One USA LP 2002
Produced by C.S. Dodd

Tracklisting :
01. Studio One Style
02. Dance Cork
03. Mad In A De Head
04. Bump To Bump
05. Oh Baby
06. Got To Be True
07. Ganja Man
08. Rose Marie
09. Studio One History (feat. Screechie Dan)
10. Brand New Second
11. Happy Birthday
12. African Land
13. Queen Omega
14. Talking Spanish
Studio One DJs

Lone Ranger - The Answer + The Big Match / on "Studio One DJ's"

Various - Studio One DJ's
(CD/2xLP) Soul Jazz Records SJR52, 2002-04-22

Tracklisting :
01. Count Machuki - More Scorcha
02. Prince Francis - Rock Fort Shock
03. Dennis Alcapone - Power Version
04. Dillinger - Natty Kung Fu
05. Jah Scotchie - Man Of Creation
06. Jim Brown - Seen Him
07. Jah Buzz - Love In The Arena
08. Prince Francis - Street Doctor
09. Lone Ranger - The Answer
10. Prince Jazzbo - Crime Don't Pay
11. Brigadier Jerry - Every Man A Me Brethren
12. Big Joe - Version Of Rights
13. Lone Ranger - The Big Match
14. Jah Jesco - Warning
15. Prince Far I - Natty Farmyard
16. Charlie Ace And The Scorcher - Father And Dreadlocks