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copacabannark to beach or not to beach
Copacabannark : "To Beach Or Not To Beach"

Perlon 12"
PERL041, 2004

Tracklisting :

A1 Hip Hop
A2 Caliemba
A3 Interlude
B1 Garden Parade
B2 Garden Parade (Dandy Jack's Senti-Mental Mix)

Copacabannark alias Ark + Cabanne)


[boomkat] Aka Cabanne and Ark (but you already new that) this new four track for the ever excellent Perlon kicks of with 'Hip Hop' a glitchy downtempo beat track with vocal sample action and demented funk moves. 'Caliemba' drops the click funk stomp button, again with micro cut up vocals and rustling shuffle percussion. After a slinky 'Interlude' we have 'Garden Parade' a minimal disco glitch house track which leads into the Dandy jack remix which builds the track up with the use of extra effects and deeper drum kicks. Very tasty.

[sub:strata] The long awaited follow-up of Copacabannark for Perlon, and once again the French production duo of Ark and Cabanne shake adventurous dancefloors in their very unique style. Arrangements that are precise, nervous yet totally catchy.

[] crispy haute couture tech house at its best by Paris dream team Cabanne + Ark

[] The french duo Ark and Cabanne with more minimal groovetech. Plus remix of Dandy Jack.

[] after the strictly limited perl25/10", we are happy to present the long awaited follow-up of copacabannark. once again the french producers ark and cabanne are shaking the dancefloor in their very unique style. arrangements, that are precise and nervous at the same time, are layered over a blackmailed bassdrum, which seems to be an old french household remedy against lame legs. as a bonus, we are getting a "senti-metal" remix of chilenien dandy jack.

[] The French duo of Cabanne and Ark combine to form another delicious ep of minimal slicing and cutting in their latest outing on Perlon. On the A side are three tracks, starting with Hip Hop, which, following its own name, is a track of cut up samples and sounds put to a beat reminicent of underground hip hop. The duo then follow up with Caliemba and Interlude which are both designed for the most intimate of club floors. On the B side is Garden Parade which is a jazzy and twinkling track full of sped up and slowed down samples cut up with scientific perfection. Last but not least is Dandy Jack's floor focused and melodic remix of Garden Parade tinged with synth licks reminicent of underground 80s synth pop. Get this, or miss out on all of the chopped sound goodness.

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