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ark et krikor boulevard rushchouard
KrikArk : "Boulevard Rushchourad"

Karat 12"
Karat-13, 2004

Tracklisting :

A1 Boulevard Rushchouard [128 kbps MP3]
B1 Air And Baie
B2 Lit Banc
B3 Keuekeu Méchant Krikor Gentil

all tracks by by omArk sharif and Krikorola

(Krikark is Ark & Krikor)

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[sub:strata] A brilliant collaboration between French minimal house ambassadors and general nutbags Ark & Krikor. Pushing the boundaries again here with these 4 tracks, twisted digital house and techno touches described by the label as 'Dr Dre on Crack'. Can't argue with that. Recommended!

[soulseduction] Ark. You first heard about him as Trankilou, he worked with Matthew Herbert & Lo Soul on the double pack "belle lurette" while ago, he produced the underground hit "le magicien d'Os" (I like the way your booty shake hun hun), most of you preached the Alleluyark series, Perlon launched Copacabannark (with his fellow Cabanne), Ark is also a Dj you just can't forget if you ever saw him spinning. Ark, a kinda of a leader of the french minimal house scene.
Krikor represents Paris'new school of hardknock abrasive breakbeats, krankenhaus and all things bizarrely techno, he made the first french booty tracks to hit the shelves as France Copland.

[dancefrontdoor] The Vinyl Addiction Cool Cuts - 16th June 2004
Supa deep electro rumblins from the eccentric Parisian duo.

[picadillyrecords] Two of the leading lights of the mental French tech-house movement, Krikor and Ark, come together on this Karat 12" and produce some proper fucked up deconstructed music, made from found sounds and broken PCs.

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