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ark alleluyark vol 2
Ark : "Alleluyark vol_2"

Circus Company 12"
CCS02, 04.2003

A1 Lost And...
A2 Sweet Chat Rio (Dimbiman Remix)
A3 Atari Bugged Out
B1 Arkachon
B2 Sweet Chat Rio (Isolée Remix)
B3 133.3.C

Dimbiman is Perlon's boss for people who don't know the legendary man!


Ark - "Lost And..." (extrait de "Alleluyark vol.2", 2001) 4,8 Mo 128 kbps MP3
Le deuxième maxi de Ark chez Circus Company démarre très fort avec une ligne de basse post-eighties et un beat puissantissime, sur un track minimal-electronic-techno-house très mélodique malgré son apparent rentre-dedans. Puis il se met petit à petit à évoluer, sans jamais tourner en rond, jusqu'à ce que plus personne ne puisse rester assis. Les edits, petits bruits et cut-ups de voix se multiplient à faire perdre la tête, mais bon c'est un peu le but quand même: se retrouver tout content, "Lost and... sweet... after the groove has gone". "Les Temps Modernes 2002"??
...everything starts in the Costa Rican jungle where Ark is talking to a monkey..." Welcome to Ark's wonderland. Lets enter with Lost And, a submachine gun bass track brightened up with cut lyrics and inspired chords with just enough edits to keep it all strictly moving. Perlon manager Dimbiman, one of the most exciting producers of the moment, wonderfully worked low key and deftly fresh. The Atari Bugged Loop is shuffled by the computer and is a violently hit, in the right way. On the B side, we go deeper! On Arkachon Ark is playing a suped up bassline in a cave, all echo and delay!! Another bonafide funkster: Isolee gets all Tahita on yo ass, hifting strings and chorus's. Most wise!!
Stripped down minimal techno house with vocal snippits and bubbling jack styled bass.
Thanks god there's a part 2 ! among new & very heavy ark freaky stuff, you'll find dimbiman (perlon) & isolee (playhouse) offering their remix treatment. and believe me what a treatment ! dimbiman goes minimal without a beat but very danceable, & isolée grants us with a kind of a new "beau mot plage". will be big.

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