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ark alleluyark vol 1
Ark : "Alleluyark vol_1"

Circus Company 12"
CCS001, Feb 28 2003

A1 Satanark
A2 Sweet Chat Rio
A3 Medley
A4 133.3.A
B1 E-Cone (Akufen Remix)
B2 E-Cone (original mix)
B3 133


Ark - Satanark (extrait de "Alleluyark vol.1", 2001) 4,3 Mo 128 kbps MP3
Des lutins, des elfes, et moultes autres petites créatures diablotines ont pris le dancefloor d'assault. Normal: c'est "Satanark" et le tour est est joué. Un hymne qui a été composé tout spécialement pour eux, tous ces petits personnages invisibles qui viennent immédiatement nous gratouiller les mollets, nous secouer les chevilles, nous déhancher le popotin, nous chatouiller le talon... bref nous envoûter les guiboles jusqu'à plus danse. On dirait un track du label allemand Perlon, en plus funky, plus dynamique et plus bassu. Si, si.

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Leftfield electronic house with built-in quirkyness in abundance. Satanark has a distinct Herbert feel to it's rhythmic pulse, whilst Sweet Chat Rio chops up a little Latin piano riff and fuses it with simple but highly effective drum'n'hi-hat sound and pattern, ocassionally rolling off the sofa into a heap of strangeness on the floor. Akufen cuts up E-Cone from it's originally quite straight house patterns leaving it jerkier and more animated.

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Resumably in touch with each other after their exploits for Perlon, french house mavericks Ark enlist Marc Leclair for a spot of superstar remixology. And good as the Akufen mix is, you have to say its somewhat overshadowed by the crazy frenchmen, who have been honing their production skills to knife edge capability. 'Satanark' sets off the seven tracker like Herbert in a coven, diabolic good times have never been so much fun. 'Sweet chat rio' uses similar bizarre vocal to disorient, and a deep as bowed bass reveals the gospel source of the inspiration for these tunes. Raw beats and acapella vocal sounds round it out, with the fearsome dancer that is 'E-Cone' in original and Akufen remixes rounding off a very tasty piece of French tackle. Limited copies only.
Yes. Ark wieder am Werk. Und das gleich mit einem ganzen Satz voller Chicagoschnippseltracks dieser spröde verdrehten Art. Voller unwahrscheinlicher Samples und Albernheiten aber dennoch rockend und straight, eigentlich so wie man sich die perfekte Mischung aus Herbert, Manege und Attraktionen für those who know vorstellt. Immer mit straighter Bassdrum, weniger Free als so manche seiner anderen Tracks, aber dennoch blitzt der Wahnsinn gerne an den Ecken und Kanten hervor und sagt einem Vorsicht, sie verlassen die Zone des normalen Danceflooramusements schnell und unerwartet. Kriechende Pianoriffs, Gospelsymbiosen, zwischendurch schon mal ein Spoken Word Meisterstück und vieles mehr.
Not that we don't love the Ark material on this 12" because we do, but damn Akufen has stepped onto a sound that we just cant get enough of, skippy, jazzy leftfield funk that rivals his release on Force Inc with Herbert. NO SHIT, this is some truly awe inspiring funky shit.
Dubby minimal lo fi techno house with tons of funk. Akufen appears to cut and chop and remangle a track in fine style!
Dubby minimal lo fi techno house with tons of funk. Akufen appears to cut and chop and remangle a track in fine style!
The sound of the Paris underground has really rocked my boat in the last few months; think a more bottom heavy Perlon crossed with a earthy, almost blues/funk/jazz vibe and crazy vocal cut-ups. Artists such as Feadz, Krikor, Cabanne, Kean... but this guy is my fave and this label is outstanding! Ark opens the door of Circus Company's solo series with "Alleluyark Vol.1", a madcap ride through a myriad of influences both organic and electronic. An added bonus is the Akufen remix on the B. Recommended!!
Strong new ep of minimal tech-funk from the french rising star. anyone into herbert's mix of his "le magicien d'os" will know what to expect, bleepy (almost booty in places) rhythms with plenty of swing. pick for me is "e-cone" although the excellent "satanark" will probably generate greater attention. akufen turns in a nice mix on the flip too which is far better than his effort for massive attack last week.

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