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dj boom kinda kickin'
Dj Boom - Kinda Kickin'

Phonography 12"
graph 05, 1998

1 Dj Boom - Kinda Kickin (05:38)
2 Dj Boom - Kinda Kickin (I:Cube mix) (07:11)
3 Dj Boom - Kinda Kickin ' (Ark Remix) (08:26)

Featuring some lovely house mixes courtesy of Ark and I Cube. Ark have recently gone long with a ten inch for Perlon which sold out in the blink of an eye. After highly touted matchups with Matthew Herbert and Mr Oizo for Brif, this twelve for Matthew Herbert' s much missed and sought after Phonography label, in Swingtime studios era, shows why even Matt Safety Scissors rates these Frech geezers so highly. Last sighted in remix guise on the excellent Cabanne's twelve for Telegraph, Ark's pedigree is up there with the finest in French house music. I Cube drops an ever so slightly off kilter delayed up electroid rejig, kind of half New Jersey, half Planet Telex. More quality digital, soulful, overused word but downright deep house music. The A side does exactly what you suspect it might, continuous allconquering bassline, jazzy scat and um, kinda kicks.
DJ Boom is a joint project of Matthew Herbert and Charles Webster, whom you can remember as the capital figure of the Presence project. Their co-operation resulted in an interesting hybrid of techno and deep house. The whole thing has a thrilling atmosphere, making you expect an explosion. That doesn't come though, but all the better. A classic party thing. The remixes are of a little fewer dances. I:Cube mix is a complete cross of electro funk and house, the ARK brings a little deep house mood. Qua-Qua-Quality!
Though the idea of a Matthew Herbert-Charles Webster team up might sound preposterous (the former being a hardboiled experimentalist and the latter a classic lush house producer), this Dj Boom release is actually a complete success. The original Kinda Kickin' Track is a journey through house music along the path outlined by the track's hard stomping kick - hence the title. Both B-sides are equally challenging as they feature "nouvelle vague" of leftfield French house producers I:Cube and Ark on remixing duties.

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